Sunday, November 08, 2009

painted faces on parade

Historically, I go all out for Halloween. This year, I was happy to play it a bit safer with a 1992 Midnight Masquerade Barbie look. Add twos parts huge wire-lined sleeves to one part face painted masquerade mask, and voila!

This picture is my favorite of all of Halloween--my friend Carly made her own Marie Antoinette gown, and it was simply to die for!

My favorite costumes of the year--the Wicked gals, and the kid from Up!
This year, Halloween fell on the formal dance night of Education Conference. (Remember the Black and White Ball of 2007?) The event was held at the Harvard Club in the Back Bay and was a really grand night. All in all a great holiday, and the perfect kick-off to the holiday season!


Kendall said...

Your face paint is so good! I love the kid from Up, and the Marie Antoinette dress is classic. Jealous!

colleenita said...

I really need to up the ante on my own blog. Maybe I'll do that today instead of actual work. Thanks for posting bits of me here and there; my link to you makes me feel like I can still make an imprint on the interwebs. Love. Your. Face. especially when moonlighting as one of the best versions of Barbie.

Carly said...

Yay! Thanks for the shout-out Nat, I really like that picture too... I have another version on my blog. :)

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