Saturday, November 14, 2009

On... (part cuatro)

... bringing back the 80's
Client in the sink next to mine: "People actually still get perms?"
Her hair washer: "It actually looks pretty good. Sometimes people with thin or limp hair get them.
Me: I'm sitting right here, I can clearly hear you.

... family friendly television
When my parents were here a few weeks ago, they talked Linda and I into watching "White Collar", a new show on USA, with them. Holy buckets, this show is great! I caught up on Hulu last night, and the show genuinely makes me laugh. It doesn't try too hard to be funny or dramatic, or to push the envelope; and it's supremely well acted. What's it about? I could try to explain it, but I'd rather let the site dedicated and developed to the show tell the story. It's basically crime solving heists, now with more Tiffani Amber Theissen! (There are only four episodes to date, catch up on Hulu!)

... word fun
I decided my favorite word is "extravaganza." Every event, trip, or party I plan typically has extravaganza added to the official title--because it's fun! And all those a's roll so beautifully together! I posted these same sentiments to facebook and was returned a handful of other words who make good use of a's : organza, guadalajara, catamaran, lava lava, Walla Walla, etc. Any others we've missed?

... tasks of adulthood
This week I participated in quite a few tasks that made me feel like maybe I am on may way to adulthood. I chose an auto body shop to reconnect my bumper and replace a smashed light. I went luggage shopping. I opened an online brokerage account and started buying bonds and notes and other stuffs. I bought an outfit for a fancy awards event I have to attend next week (Zipcar is nominated, woot!). I had a giant metal rod shoved into my ear canal and didn't cry.

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Laura said...

I love White Collar. Introduced J to it today. Success!

Whoa, stocks and stuffs? You ARE grown up.

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