Monday, June 28, 2010

Quakers, Amish, and Mormons

I'm not sure why each of you come here to read my mind's wanderings. But I'll continue to spew content as my brain thinks it worthy enough to share. And as can clearly be evidenced below (Benji! Travis! Jacob! Edward!), the dumbest randomest thinks strike my brain every 2.8 seconds.

Awhile back, I wrote the first of several "Why I Believe" blogs about being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (A Mormon.) A goodly number of you know all about Mormons (because you are one or know many who are), but I imagine there's a chunk of you who are a bit lost.

I'm happy to announce a side project of mine that I'm oh so very excited about:

There's so much garbage online about the LDS church. And not the kind that's nicely bagged each week and left on the curb for the garbageman, but an actual landfill of filth bursting at the proverbial internet seams. Where we're all allowed to believe what we want (God bless America!), you'll not find me engaging in any kind of rants or conversation written to incite conflict with people who don't believe similarly as I do.

There are so few places online to read what it's like to live, act, and worship as a Mormon. Feel free to join me and help open conversation to those who are genuinely seeking what being a Mormon is all about. Because if four years of this blog has proven, we're not Quakers, Amish, or people who lack personality, right?

.... RIGHT?!

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