Monday, June 21, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things

So I took this photo when one of my girls wanted to know what I was wearing to the NBA Finals a few weeks ago. While posting a straight-up self-portrait that hasn't been seen since MySpace is definitely not one of my favorite things, I noticed something in looking at this photo. In a 500 by 500 pixel photo, I bet there are at least 50 of my favorite things to be seen.

So let's play a game. Sure, I could list all of them (and maybe have to start getting creative, but I really think there are 50 here), but I thought I'd crowd-source this post. You lurk on my life, so let's see what you really know about me.

these are a few of my favorite things

I'll start. Feel free to continue in the comments section. (Bonus points to he or she who spots the most, ((quadruple points for any male who spots any)) or who gives the most creative response.)

1. See that necklace in the top right corner? My dad gave it to my mom in the 80's after they were married. I received it for Christmas two years ago. I looooooooove statement jewelery and old timey things.
2. That full length mirror is a skinny one. (Objects are actually larger than they appear.) Who doesn't love a skinny mirror?

Ready... set.... go....!

PS -- I'm working on some real content, I promise. Humor me (and yourselves) for the time being. Yes this feels self indulgent and I've considered (six times now) taking it down, but I'm the sheriff of these parts. And your readers have already picked this up so the train left the station.


Mallory Jan said...

4. Mallory
5. Adrie,
6. Team cupcake
7. Half marathon medal from may 2009
8. Half marathon medal from may 2010

Nat Attack said...

Mal -- I'm so glad you picked out that Team Cupcake 1.0 photo. Don't fear, the 2.0 photo is in my bookshelf.

Kendall said...

9. Note from Dad
10. Pictures of all your family
11. Pictures of all your friends
12. Does the boston sister's picture count all on its' own? Cause it should
13. Picture of London or some part of one of your trips abroad.

Nat Attack said...

Yes, the photo in the leaves DEFINITELY counts on its own. I actually asked Mom last week why she doesn't have that one hanging in the house.

stephanielynn said...

Ooohh...this is fun. Here's the list I made before reading other comments.

1. Boston Celtics in general
2. #34 Pierce more specifically
3. open mouth photos
4. your phone
5. running medals
6. saved by the bell photo (bottom left)
7. pics of your sisters
8. cute note from your dad
9. the fall (pic with sisters on wall)
10. books
11. traveling

hmmm...i thought i would get so many more!

Nat Attack said...

Um, Steph? Eleven? That's kind of a ton. Especially since you lumped all of the sisters together. A+ for the specificity of Paul Pierce and the SBTB photo. You're brilliant.

ju said...

I, of course, recognize most things that have to do with ME. That note I wrote you post wedding, the picture of us at what I think is our first Celts game together? The best unintentional fall coordination colors with your sisters, our saved by the bell moment, cupcakes, your pink curtain behind your bed, your smart smart phone, Paul Pierce jersey, and lots of books. Though not pictured, there is also the memory of laying on your super comfy bed eating hot tamales and watching whatever's left on your DVR, then falling to sleep to the sound of your non-functioning fan. Sigh, I miss your place.

Erica said...

I won't try to pick up where everyone else left off, but this photo really makes me want to personalize my place more. It makes my house seem like a hotel in comparison, not a home!

Cabra Forte said...

I feel morally obligated to take advantage of my 4x power. That being said, all the easy stuff is taken--so here's some creativity:

1.) That jacket. If you wore it to the finals, It must be appropriately stylish/warm/comfortable/light in the right combination. I'm not qualified to tell, but I'm guessing you like it. Bam.
2.) Pictures. Not a specific picture, or a specific person in pictures, but rather the idea of having lots of photographic documentation of life. Bam.
3.) Thick carpet. Nice to walk on barefoot, and warmer than tile/linoleum/wood in the winter. Bam.
4.) Nalgene water bottles. Odorless, unbreakable. What's not to love? Bam.
5.) Rubber bracelets. See justification for #1. Additionally, even a blood doping enhanced Lance Armstrong is cooler than any other cyclist alive. Bam.

And now for a few items I'm not sure about--Is that the Ensign on the floor? CDs in the corner underneath the fabric thing?

I think that makes at least 20 for me. The gauntlet is thrown.

Nat Attack said...

In case anyone is counting, with Matt's epic showing of 20 (proof that if you appeal to a man's competitive side... I knew I could flush at least ONE dude out) we're pretty stinking close.

Here's what else I see that wasn't marked:

My grandparents (and in formal wear to boot!), my white trash white noise machine (boom box on the floor), the Life is Good! logo on my Nalgene, white pants on the chair, the literal photo arrangements on the wall (pretty proud of that), a knee length skirt, being tan, an awkward elbow raise, having thin (albeit unfit) arms, creepy hands, LIBRARY books, and that lamp behind me was the best find from the ghetto superstore EVER.

Not my favorite? Hollow eyes from a smart smart phone with no flash.

Thanks for playing everyone! I love that y'all know me and all had a really fun, personal observation.

Alaina said...

Man. Mine got taken on the first few. I love the SBTB photo, and as its author, I guess that counts as a picture of this sister, eh? Love your personalization. Erica - go for it. It makes life grand.

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