Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When life isn't rah! rah! rah!

I've felt somewhat adrift in the last year. A line item list could be provided as to the who, whats, and whys but that's a downer post and man, if you want that, believe me--you're bored already.

So life hasn't been nonstop rah! rah! rahs! the last year; but I also haven't been on the brink of epic meltdown either. Having flirted with periods of both, I'll staunchly endorse a plateau of steady, even days than the spikes of living in the extremes.

To lay it all out there in the name of honesty and transparency, I've been living selfishly. True, I wasn't actively making everything about me--but with so much time, talent, and resources--isn't doing nothing a passive form of selfishness? The parable in the Bible (someone want to help me out with a reference?) where three servants are given money and asked to use it, I've always wondered why the servant who held his money was punished. I'm learning.

I've been privy to some pretty incredible personal revelation in the last few weeks. Some of it I'll begin to share in the next little bit as the details are sorted out. For now, know that if you're wanting to make a change in your life--or realize you have rough corners that need sanding--I promise, promise, promise God will change your life and provide the sandpaper if you're willing to actually do the work.


Jan said...

Where much is given much is expected...

Alaina said...

Love this. Can't wait to hear more... let's be friends. Call me to chat up those realizations any time.

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