Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor(ious) Weekend

The Motivation Bug(TM) hit me this long weekend which we all know comes around about as often as the Olympics. And in the last three days I have legitimately touched every single thing I own, which is no small feat if you know the stuff sprawl that is my life. For funsies sake, here's a bulleted list!

Before we get started however, a fun legend to help you understand the massive undertaking that constitutes the contents of my closet.
  1. Closet #1 - Pants, folded shirts, under-wares, socks, sweaters, sweatshirts, bathingsuits
  2. Closet #2 - Hanging shirts, dresses, shoes
  3. Hanging Armoire - Blazers, skirts
  4. Armoire cupboards - Exercise clothes, pajamas
And now! On to the bulleted list!
  • Weed through Closet #1 and make pile of clothes for consignment.
  • Weed through Closet #2 and add to pile of clothes for consignment.
  • Throw away old t-shirts, refold exercise clothes, add to pile of clothes.
  • Sift through the baskets of health/beauty, life stuff. Throw away + organize.
  • Rummage through the (office-based) bins in my room I pulled out of the storage unit last month. Throw away + organize.
  • Clean through the contents in my desk. Throw away + organize.
  • Gather all costumes (whyyyyyyyy do I have so many?) into a single place and put into storage unit. Also in the costume bin, swimsuits and hats. (Unrelated: If our building were burning down, do you think I'd grab this bin?)
  • Organize and condense bins/boxes in the storage unit.
  • Return items to TJ Maxx, Target, Marshall's, Sports Authority. (Newsflash: sometimes I have a problem buying things and sitting on them for awhile to see if I'll actually use/wear. I think this makes me a terrible person.)
  • Two loads laundry.
  • Tackle the front hall closet that hasn't been touched since we moved in several years ago. FOUND: all my handbags, cardmaking supplies, tennis racket. Review the contents of my 72-hour kit and decide it's probably still mostly good.
  • Vacuum bedroom.
And then Saturday ended. I think I rested on Sunday but truth be told I can't even really remember. And now Monday's list...
  • Tackle under the sink in my bathroom. Holy makeup and hair ties. Note to self: never buy hair ties again. In fact, I think I should put some into my 72-hour kit because heaven knows hair ties will be CURRENCY in the Apocalypse because there's nothing worse than hair in your face when you don't want it to be.
  • Clean bathroom.
  • Empty the contents of our front room closet which has been a dumping ground for excess paper goods, kitchen gadgets, home decorations, water bottles and coats for the last three years. Organize + throw away. Decide it's time to put out our Halloween decorations. Summer, be gone!
  • Organize pots & pans cupboard which is a nightmare in 95% of American households, probably yours included.
  • Wipe down stuff on top of fridge, and you guessed it -- organize and throw away.
  • Rinse, repeat with food cupboards.
  • Do dishes in the sink, start dishwasher.
  • Made bean dip, which at first type wrote as 'beandip'. Why isn't this the acceptable spelling? Oh wait, probably because our brains are programmed to read -and- in the middle of any word and process it incorrectly. Are there words with -and- in the middle (meaning multiple letters on both sides) that look correct? Be and ip. Yes! I'll have some!
And well I think that's it. The only thing I promised myself I'd do this weekend was the self-evaluation for my yearly review. 5:55 on the Monday night of a long holiday weekend. Ask me if it's started. Oh right, definitely not. Weekend totally wasted!


Nat Attack said...

Cancel that. I finished my self-evaluation so I guess the weekend wasn't such a waste after all.

Sylvia said...

Can't cite the original source, but: Anyone can do any amount of work provided it isn't the work he/she is supposed to be doing.

Sylvia said...

P.S.: Congratulations on your truly outstanding number of weekend accomplishments!

Alaina said...

Oh wow, inspirational! Related note: you could have one killer yard sale. Of clothing mostly, so I guess that would be pretty lame, because I definitely pass on those yard sales where it's 90% clothes hanging or layed out on sheets.

Whits said...

Ahhhh can you fly out here and do this for my house? I need to do everything you listed plus clean/organize my garage.

Kristan said...

Okay, I thought I had a very impressive weekend . . . but I only accomplished about seven of your bullet points. Yea for Fall Cleaning!

Mary B said...

This weekend I tried to take back 2 black skirts to Dillards. I bought them on January 1, 2011. They didn't want them back. It must run in the family. :) Good job on getting all that FUN work done!

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