Wednesday, September 21, 2011

sittin' pretty

My friend Melissa does a really awesome job of posting quick snapshot blogs. I should do better about that--Mel, you inspire me! So before I make all the best intentions but never get to them, a snapshot blog (with photo!) for your viewing pleasure regarding something that happened just last night. JUST LAST NIGHT!

I have a very short bucket list (of attainable items). I also have a Bucket List Lite(TM) that's full of just super awesome things I'd like to do or places I'd like to see. Major sporting events always, always make the list. (Did I write to tell you I went to the US Open Women's Final last week? Oh that's right, no. I'm a terrible blogger.)

When a good friend from Boston days of yore calls up as he's back in town for the medium-distant future and wants to take you to the Sox game with tickets on the front row next to the Sox dugout, you just change your plans and say yes.
The Sox lost* (sad panda) but the night was that supremely gorgeous temperature where it's crisp but not cold, I ate a deeeeelicious hot dog, and caught up on the last few years of time. Cheers to old friends. AND SHORT BLOGS.
* I will admit to not being too broken up when the Sox lose, my heart's just not in it the way it is when I leave the Garden after a Celtics game. (And I think I'm bad luck for the Sox; they lose almost every time I'm there.)


Alaina said...

On Erica's sidebar it said your blog had been updated 10 hours ago and I didn't believe it. Pleasant surprise. And somehow, you really are the luckiest person alive.

maWeesa said...

woah.. thanks for the shout out!!

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