Friday, September 02, 2011

These boots are made for walkin'

Every year, no wait, I'll reiterate, every. year. I promise myself I'm going to figure out the Winter shoe situation. Laugh if you want that it's only the first of September (goodbye Summer!) but the start of Winter is just around the corner and despite my every. year. promise, I'm horrible when it comes to shoe selection when it gets nasty outside.

This cold season will be my sixth in Boston. Sixth. S i x t h. So I've been ahead of the curve on quite a few in the future things (see wrapping and distributing my Christmas gifts last month) and have been scouting for boots all over both internet and brick and mortar stores.

And I've done it. Completed my collection of frisky fall and wearable winter boots. For your viewing pleasure...

Only one are in my physical possession, but ask me in 7-10 business days how I'm doing with the browns.

If you've got a favorite pair of boots I should know about, link me in the comments!

Also: I have wrapped and distributed my Christmas gifts already. Do you think there's something wrong with me?


Jody said...

If you include college, this is my 10th? winter in Utah? And I'm still very far from having the shoe (and clothes) situation worked out. It's sort of pathetic, really. You've inspired me. Maybe this will be my year....

Nettie Martin said...

Nat. . . I LOVE the middle boots!!! I need links girl!

Nat Attack said...

Nettie -- the middle boots are Steve Madden and are 25% off right now with the code Fall25.

I kind of liked them in the camel too but had already bought the other camel ones (which I'd tried on in the store). I'm pretty excited about all of them!!

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