Sunday, May 11, 2008

Another grouping

Wow, am I a bad blogger or what? I seem to have reached new lows. Maybe it's because my life is fuller than ever--or because I don't have as much free time at work to multiply and divide words.

Here's the sitch. It's 10:35 at night and I need to make this fast. (Will I? CHances are slim, but here's praying for quick thoughts and speedy fingers.) I have EARLY all-day client meetings and have to get up in the 6's. THE SIXES. Aye carumba. The meetings are super important and I'm feeling a little nervous, seeing as it will be my fifth day on the job and a lot is riding on this international site redesign. Here's hoping for the best!

So I guess I'll try to keep it to a dull roar here for the time being. I'm in all day meetings Monday and Tuesday, and in Portland for work Wednesday to the following Friday. The jury is out on how much desire I'll have to be blogging in the evenings as the baptism by fire at the new j continues. Ready for some shortisms? LEt's do it up.


The weather got nice, the Boston Sailing Association had an Open House; what else to do but check it out? I definitely didn't help sail the boat one minute; it was like a mini cruise in the harbor!

I tried to dress as Ralph Lauren as possible.

Looking at the picture above and to the left, it's okay if 1) your insides feel a little weird because I have a scarf made of human hair. 2) You think my hair is the exact RBG value of the Cowardly Lion's mane.

I was sitting on the floor yesterday at Staples, perusing over some clearance items for my sister, when a guy in a maroon shirt started making comments. Assuming he worked there, I responded about the product. Mistake. This creeper skeever proceeded to drop this doozy on me:

I can tell by your sweater and hair that you must be part of the upper class.

Um, what? Folks. I'll be the first to admit that I can definitely dress to impress. Was I so adorned at Staples yesterday? No. I was wearing an H&M sweater and had beach ratty hair (though it had been washed that morning, it had minimal product and had air dried).

Last night was LPug's giant "Under the Big Top" circus-themed birthday party. The invitation explicitly said to dress up in crazy/wacky colors. You don't tell me these things unless you mean them. So there I am, at a party with 40+ people in the ward, and there are three people dressed up. I am one of them. Oh well; I rocked my purple and blue nylon overalls like they haven't been rocked since stake dances. Oh yeah, I wore my "wacky" makeup dancing that night too.

I keep expecting to find the line where I should be embarrassed by the things I do.
I made cupcakes today. One box, one batch. Strawberry cheesecake. I learn something new every time I make cupcakes. Today's tidbit has to do with the paper holders. Key word: PAPER. Don't use the aluminium ones. They lose their shape easily, don't cook evenly, and tear easily when they come out of the tin. THese were the least "pretty" and uniform of any of the cupcakes I've made thus far. Just a point to note.
Sometimes I dread having to fight the formatting in Blogger that I don't blog. Especially posts with photos.
We had a picnic today at a local Arboretum. Picnicking (if the spelling looks wrong, blame Blogger) on the lawns is only allowed ONE day of the year; how fortunate it coincided with Mother's Day, Laura's birthday, AND her engagement day! A cause for celebration on all four fronts. The weather was gorgeous, the colors were vibrant, and spirits were high.
I'm only sorry I had to wear my glasses. I can definitely see how no one recognized Superman in his CLark Kent glasses. I feel like no one will recognize me when I wear my glasses; it's the strangest mindset.
In the latest mouth update, I'm nearly healed. I'll admit, things were pretty dodgy for about a week. After my latest post, I developed a smattering of pretty intense canker sores that were swelling my mouth. But save one dime-sized friend still keeping me company, I'm on the up and up. TMI?
Okay! Late. Blogger was taking forever to upload pics, so I'm up later than I wish. Let's hope my cutting off Coke Zero at 6pm was enough to ensure I fall asleep without much drama. BIG meetings! BIG work travel! BIG WEEK!

Keep a kind thought for me.

And lastly, a shout out to all the Moms I know and love. Thanks for having and raising the babies I can't have and don't want.(Ha. Ha.) For the rest of you, keep a smile on your face when you think of this phrase my sisters and I get a hoot from every year (circa church 2003): "I'm a woman, I'm a mother." If you're a boy and reading this blog, I don't believe it.

To bed I said!


Jan said...

What? You're NOT part of the upper class? Please join and learn to sail...that's definitely upper class.(It LOOKED like lots of fun!)I can practically smell those lilacs...

ju said...

ha! "... the exact RBG value of the Cowardly Lion's mane"

you kill me.

oh, and happy m's day to my 2nd mom!

Laura said...

When I have a bad/annoying day at work, I sometimes look around for the nearest sweet or salty treat to make things better. Today, not even that worked. Luckily, your blog came through. It always does. I don't know why I don't remember this panacea FIRST.

So happy to have made the photo spread, too. I feel lucky. :)

Lainey said...

What!? You don't want my baby!?

That's okay, at 6:30 in the morning I don't want her either.

I'm dying over the Clark Kent glasses reference. You keep me on my toes!

Love you.

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