Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Unrelated Thoughts

My 500th blog and my two-year blogaversary passed with little self-celebrated fanfare.

Somehow, the world kept turning. Obama and Hillary are still wearing out the newscasters with their tennis match for the Democratic heart and vote. TNT is airing the same commercials during all the playoff games (you'd think 40 games in 40 nights would get old, but no.). Mariah Carey is still somewhat of a nutjob.

A few things have changed in the last two years. Back then, Brad and Ang hadn't yet assembled themselves a home-grown army. (I hadn't either.) Now? New job(s), new home, new state. (For me that is, not the Saviors of the Third Worlds.)

And here I am, still one blog at a time, reporting on nothing. I still love it, even if I'm sparse. Maybe my well has finally dried up!


While I was in Utah last week, the bestie Krista was able to get us discounted seats to a Real Major League Soccer game. Lucky for us, the Beckster was in town with the LA Galaxy.

After screaming, "I wanna see him bend it!" for most of the first half, homeboy lived up to his name. Once during play and once from a penalty kick, I saw Beckam bend it twice. In less than 10 minutes. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty amazing.

My newest grand annoyance is clammy legs in bed. It's too cold here at night for just a sheet, but my legs get kind of sticky where skin touches skin under my full covers. It's a bad, bad feeling.

Two blogs in one day! It's true what they say, miracles in our day haven't ceased.


stephanielynn said...

I have recently come to LOVE Beckham. He's dreamy. Sad I couldn't take you up on the offer for the ticket. Boo.

onlychild09 said...

I love that picture of you and Krista I think it is so funny! Whoo three/four days until you come see me!!!

erin black said...

Clammy legs in bed? My biggest pet peeve! Which is why I sleep with a pillowcase between my legs each and every night of the year. Thought I'd share that tip. Oh, and HI!! :)

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