Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wounds can't bring me down

Do you know what it's like to have a swollen taste bud? The worst, right?


In my twenty-five year infinite wisdom, I decided to bite the thing off. Easy enough, right? Teeth are sharp, that's what they do—bite stuff off. Well friends, I made a grave mistake. I've learned that it's impossible to bite off a singular taste bud. It's impossible to bite of a few taste buds. So instead of being the Destroyer of the Swollen, I'm now She of the Gaping Mouth Wound.

Three days of exposed muscle, irritated with every breath and bite is pretty freakin' miserable.

What's not so miserable (and may or may not be touched upon at a later date)? The rest of my Utah trip, the Celtics finally getting past the first round, Little Women (the book), a brand new laptop purchased and ready for me at my new job, Lebron's 2-for 18, an after vacation DVR chocked-full of Must See TV, Dan in Real Life, Spring weather in Boston, 14th-floor views of the Back Bay, Downtown, an the Charles from the bend in the river at my office in Kendall Square, being chosen to manage a huge and exciting account site redesign, my own bed, fun plans for the weekend, and all KINDS of free snacks and drinks at my new job's building. Every kind of fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, chip, cracker, soda, juice you can imagine… I discovered the individually sliced/packaged/rounded-wax cheeses today.

For someone with an open mouth wound and a kitchen full of free foods, this gal is doin' alright.

**6:27pm update:
Just got off the phone with my insurance company for the ninth time. My $2k leg break bill has finally been approved. The tragic break only cost me $237. You have no idea how happy that $237 makes me.


Rachel said...

I'm sorry...did you say exposed muscle? Girl, there are doctors for that kind of thing...and narcotics.

Shauna said...

yeah gross, exposed muscle? i had one of those suckers this week, and i just got some tweezers and plucked it out. and its gone, and that was 2 days ago. Come on nat, youre a college grad, use your brain! (kidding)

ju said...

what's this? insurance working the way it's supposed to? the way we pay it to work? who would have thought...

stephanielynn said...

Yay for new jobs that are better than the last!

Jody said...

I bite off single one's without a problem often enough... but only when they're really swollen. Maybe the shape of your teeth, or the curve of your jaw line just isn't conducive to swollen tastebud biting. Hope it gets better soon.

Whits said...

Awesome news about insurance finally figuring out your leg.

and you know, I am kind of bummed my law firm isn't going to have free snacks. I think that is a HUGE benefit. seriously. if you gave me free diet coke, free diet dr pepper and red vines I swear I would be the most productive employee on the planet.

A Digital Darkroom said...

I am really laughing so hard at this post and the way you describe biting off a taste bud(s). Oh. My. GOSH. Thanks for being my funniest sister.

A Digital Darkroom said...

Ps I miss you lots. If you were here we'd be up together.

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