Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Internet is weird

Alternate title: People who use the Internet are weird

Alternate alternate title: People in real life are weird

Alternate alternate alternate title: People in real life who are weird do weirder things on the Internet.

This never-ending circle could continue on and on and on.

According to the usage statistics on my site, a high percentage of Google users find my blog with a combination of words I don't necessarily want associated with my blog.

Long story short (for real this time): I had to retire a post to keep the creepers off my blog. And I can't even tell you what the phrase is, lest they find me again.

It's like I'm living in The Net*, but I don't order my pizza over the computer.

*Best tagline ever: Her driver's license. Her credit cards. Her bank accounts. Her identity. DELETED.


Jody said...

Haha! That's funny. But oh, the curiousity is killing me! Write it in pig-latin or something.

Lainey said...

Yup I'm totally with Jody - what was it! In -ong language or something?

Love you!

Nerak said...

Ha, I totally understand the dilemma! I think one of the searches some creepo used to get to mine had something to do with byu students and modeling swimsuits. Still not sure how google picked up on my blog from that, but it sicked me out!

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