Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the birth of Brain Dump 2.0

The beauty of being an inconsistent blogger is your ability to "cheat the system" and lump multiple events together with quick recapability. I can hardly remember what happened, so why should you care about the minute details. You just want to hear what embarrassingly stupid thing I did last! (And let me tell you what, there's a story I'm embarrassed enough that not.a.single.person. knows about what happened, yes. That mortifying.) SO! Without further filibuster or grandeur... updates!

A) One Tuesday night I got a hare/hair-brained idea. With nothing on the agenda, I decided I needed Costa Vida (the equivalent of Cafe Rio). Had to have it, wanted it, was going to die without it. Only problem is that the only Costa Vida east of Utah is in Portland, Maine. 200 miles from my home. No big. It was one of 2 sunny days in June, so I jumped in my car and away I went. The drive was gorgeous and it was really nice (liberating even) to spend that much time alone with a goal. The folks at CV were amazingly nice when I told them my story and doubled the food I ordered. I ate like a king for several days!

B) The US team played in a North/Central American and Carribean soccer tournament a few weeks ago. We went to support the team and stuck around for the Hondurus v Granada match. You have no idea how many Hondurans live in New England until their in one place with their flags, and painted faces, and national pride. It was a super fun night -- made even better when the US tied a game tying-goal with only 30-seconds left. I can definitely understand why soccer/futbol is loved so well around the world.

C) Some of you have asked how the shaggy mullet is going. I'm definitely getting more used to it. Getting used to doing it too; definitely more styled than the mane was before; but also so much shorter and harder even to ponytail. But it's working its way out just fine. In two years you'll never even know I cut it.

D) I met my Visiting Teachers at the temple the night before my eye surgery. I figured if the lasers blinded me, it'd be a good "last visual" memory. This photo was taken with my phone, so pardon the graininess; I take better photos for the most part. And didn't even have to go to photography school! (Boon!)

And that's that. Four quick stories in one happy blog format. I shall have to try this again. Brain Dump 2.0? Yes. HA.

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