Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So once I had cosmetic surgery...

So I'd be remiss if I didn't blog about the fact I got my eyes lasered last month. The decision was made and I had my poor eye sight cut out in about eight minutes flat. Nothing too bad or scary, except no one told me they screw clamps onto your eye-balls. They were of course numbed, but the pressure was weird and my mind was freaking out. I survived. In fact, I was most happy to take a sick day and not have to work.

I'd be happy to talk to any of you individually about the surgery, but most of you probably don't care and would rather read about my adventure in 140 character or less descriptions. Thanks Twitter! (Are you following me yet?)

I might have seen my last sunset tonight. Only the lasers tomorrow will tell. #LASIK10:16 PM Jun 17th from txt

Trying to pick my outfit for a breakfast date with the LASERS. Somehow, this is one occasion I don't think a LBD will do.12:27 AM Jun 18th from web

Gosh I hope I don't have to learn to read braille. I don't even know how to spell it.7:51 AM Jun 18th from txt

l;gjaew'tnqe nu tEJAEQ JEJ e t etieaipjgjaeqgguip gejkd 93593 as'mcmNVCow siwqjr9 WSFwR 9OW M5:45 PM Jun 18th from web

For the record, my retinas actually burned, and the smell produced is something I never, no never, hope to have to experience again. #LASIK6:01 PM Jun 18th from web

Survived Lasik to learn a CONFIRMED CASE OF SWINE FLU in the office. I knew eating those Skittles from the kitchen yesterday was a bad idea.6:06 PM Jun 18th from web

Oink oink BLIND6:07 PM Jun 18th from web

Side note: I think I'm on drugs.6:11 PM Jun 18th from web

At the eye doctor for the third time in four days. The good news? 20/20 isn't just as 60+ newscast any longer. What what.9:14 AM Jun 19th from txt

Eye drops of milky white color and consistency every 2hrs. Four days of lactating eyes sounds like an Enquirer headline or House diagnosis.4:06 PM Jun 21st from web

Mostly though, I like telling people I had cosmetic surgery! The payoffs have been greater and greater the further I get from the surgery. Never having to worry about popping a contact or itchy eyes has been well well worth the few minutes my eye-balls were clamped...!


kendall said...

You are hilarious. I just spent the last 5 minutes laughing so hard at your tweets. And to think, I could be more than half done with eye surgery by now....hm.

Mary B said...

You're SO brave! I don't think I could handle it. The only way I get through even having blood drawn is the fact that I can NOT look at it. If I couldn't shut my eyes, I'd AAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Team Russi said...

I thought I successfully blocked the actual lasik experience but it all came rushing back when I read your post. You're right about that smell - nasty stuff!

I'm glad your lasik was a successful experience. I've enjoyed my new eyesight everyday since I had it done.

nerak said...

ok, i've been thinking about getting lasik for about forever. it makes me super nervous... but i would really love to see sans contacts/glasses. hmmm. are you glad you did it?

oh, and your twitter updates are hysterical, of course. i've asked plenty of ppl about it, but never heard about the smell. oh boy.

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