Tuesday, July 21, 2009

more BANG for your buck!

Tonight, Katie and I sat at IKEA (with $25-50 worth of random home goods we couldn't live without, naturally) devouring warm cinnamon rolls.

Side note: Whenever conversation dulls, I always always ask people "if you could be eating anything in the world at this exact moment, what would it be?" 95 percent of the time, I respond with "a warm cinnamon roll." Very rarely do I depart from that answer.

As the cinnamon rolls were one-half of the reason we went to IKEA (guess on whose half vote that was?), a thought hit me. The dollar cinnamon roll might actually be the best deal you can get for a dollar. I vocalized my claim and then asked Katie what she thought.

She agreed that the cinnamon roll was a brilliant purchase for a dollar, but her best dollar is spent on vacuuming her car. Brilliant.

IKEA cinnamon roll: 1
Vacuuming your car: 1

Hit the comments with your best way to spend a single dollar. In this economy, I need to know where else I can stretch my dollar on the best deals!


kendall said...

Though the cinnamon rolls are fantastic, I think their general lack of frosting prevents it from taking the number one spot. I think I'll nominate 2 IKEA hot dogs for the spot.

Nat Attack said...

Kenny. 2 IKEA hot dogs cost $2. You're not paying attention to the rules! Wink.

But I guess you're half of a couple now, so I guess if you and Josh are together and both have a dollar...

Laura said...

I will admit, I am a fan of the $1 redbox.

Jan said...

UNFORTUNATELY for me the $1 goes to Boston Baked Beans at the Dollar Store and why I generally stay out of that store!

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