Friday, January 01, 2010

auld lang really?!

I fell prey to the trap of New Year’s Eve again. This was my twenty-eighth new year ringing and naturally unfortunately, another addition to the annual string of year-end memories ripe with failed hype and befuddlement. Surely the opening of a new year, and (like it or not) the feeling of a new start, deserves something more. Conversation with others leads me to believe this sentiment is common, so I don’t feel like a defective cog in the system of life, I just wanted to add my voice to the collective harmony reminding people that New Year’s is lame.

New Year’s is lame y’all.

Driving home from another lame Young Single Adult gathering (though for the record, I was in a location not my home without a core group of friends), I spent a few relatively despondent moments somewhere between pity and disappointment but anchored most closely to frustration. Not loving any of those feelings, I got smart and counted the number of amazing ways I finished 2009.

Sharing the Compound in Mexico with my family, Coke Light, Costa Vida(!!!), Long Way Round viewing party, sharing a room with my sisters, being the first to bed every night in Mexico, playing Rock Band with my Grandpa, getting to know my brother-in-laws, laughing late into the evening with a very overdue (8 years!) high school girls’ reunion where if you know me and at least the name of one other person in Tempe or Mesa between 1995-2001 I can probably give you an update on said person, FREE parking, straight roads, a phone call with a crusty ex-Bostonian whom I infrequently phone who but always makes me laugh, dinner with some old BYU-pals, hours catching up with the family of one of my high school best friends and his cute baby and wife, a belated video slideshow that made me cry, constant repeats of the “In the Heights” soundtrack, so many 69 cent diet coke refills at the QT the cashiers remembered us, more Mexican food than you can imagine (is this me actually getting sick of it? sadly, maybe!), chatting with my BFF grandparents, TRANSFERING CASH MONIES ON MY PHONE (seriously, technology rules), printing the perfect family photos at Costco, and a host of other things.

In the past two days, folks. TWO. DAYS.

Okay, I’m feeling better about 2010 already. And I have a lot of big ideas and plans for the year, but I’m still winnowing down the vast list of improvements resolutions for the year. True, I’ll agree that most formal resolutions never see March, but if I’m self aware enough to make character resolutions (as opposed to financial, educational, vocational, etc.)—I keep those thoughts with me a long time. I’m well aware of the rough areas of my personality needing smoothed; there’s something I love about the 1st of the year and the chance to reinvent.

Hi. I’m in Arizona. It’s been a whirlwind eight days from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day spent in the Valley of the Sun sandwiching four days in Puerto Penasco, Mexico with my extended family (photos coming soon-ish). I haven’t had consistent access to the internet—and it’s been relatively nice. However, I’m out of blogging habit—has this post jumped enough logic trains or what?

Ten years ago I was 17 years old and five months from graduating high school. In ten years I’ll be 37. If the time between 27 and 37 is relative to the distance between 17 and 27, I’d better GET ON IT.

This blog is exhausting my brain. I’m sure I’ll make sense of it in my mind eventually, but this is where I’m at, 27 years old and no discernable months from any major milestones or life events. Yikes. I need some goals. Wiiiiiiiink.

Welcome 2010! I have big plans for you, none of which include better use of segues or thought organization. Resolutions still intact. Take that!

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Kendall said...

OHHHH QT, I miss you!! And you, too. Christmas was the best.

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