Monday, January 18, 2010

Team Cupcake!

If you ever think making 350 cupcakes in 15 hours (minus any sleep you'd like) sounds like a good idea, I beg you to watch this video of this weekend's grand event.

1 oven.
2 caterers* with day jobs.
3 kinds of cupcakes.

Don't try this at home:

*We had a bit more help than just Mallory and I. Special thanks to those who bought groceries, brought in pizza, replenished the Diet Cokes, set up boxes, took photos, and stayed out of the way. We couldn't have done it without our pit crew!



Jan said...

Loved every minute of the creative process. You are a joy to watch and shop with. You have the innate ability to see what others miss!

colleenita said...

Holy crap, dude. You're a badass.

ju said...


Cheri said...

The cinnamon ones were my favorite! I'm amazed at the hours of loving service rendered by two very special cousins of the bride!!! XOX

Team Russi said...

Wow... those cupcakes look delicious! You are a baking machine.

Jan said...

have watched it 3 times, now. Let us know when you win the Oscar.

Breona said...

You my blog friend are insane and incredible! What an ordeal, I am exhausted! You two are blu ribbon cousins! Weddings weddings! Loved the vid.

Carly said...

Holy cow, Nat, that's amazing! They all looked delicious!

Alaina said...

Oh MY GOSH that video is so awesome. I have so many thoughts:

1) I love the Adrie-kissing-Nat-and-trying-to-get-a-smile sequence
2) I cracked up at the video that ends with "I want to go home."
3) Mallory looks super skinny in all of these pictures.
4) I can't believe you did this for so long. I get tired just watching
5) The egg yolk pictures were awesome.
6) You should've been paid a lot more
7) So glad I eloped. But maybe I'll learn how to make those delish chocolate ones in time for a temple luncheon.

Love you!

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