Thursday, January 21, 2010

matchmaker, matchmaker

Yesterday, I flew home from Salt Lake on a relatively perfect flight. I was due, given my colorful experiences of the trip out of Boston--suffice it so say that I didn't realize I had such a strong affinity for my most frequent airline (Alaskan Airlines. That's right. Weird, huh?) until I had to take another.

I had my own row, a bag of pre-packed pistachios and chocolate covered pretzels, the book "March" by Geraldine Brooks (written by Pa Marsh [of Little Women fame] and his experiences during the Civil War while his family waited back in Concord). Oh yah, and Millionaire Matchmaker.

I didn't feel too bad tuning in to back-to-back episodes of this E! staple. It was a) my first time, b) I spent the commercials reading my book, c) it was an instant upgrade from the back-t0-back episodes I watched of Real Housewives of Orange County, d) I'd already played four rounds of inflight trivia (blast you BUBBA and IRA for always putting me in 2nd place!!) and e) Patty and Millionaire Matchmaker came up quite a few times on my trip to the Mountain West. Why? I don't know. Why am I writing a blog about this? I don't know that either.

But there I am, watching, kind of intrigued. Until I recognize one of the gals who gets chosen to go on one of the mini-dates with the Millionaire. I recognize her. No, it's not someone I knew, or someone I went to school with -- it's a girl I recognize from another dating show. (Dating in the Dark for those who are interested.)

Sigh. For all the reasons I don't have to name, because you already understand. Sigh.

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