Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Marathon Monday

Boston sports teams went 5-0 for the weekend (Sox x3, Bruins, Celtics) and hosted the Boston Marathon.

The city shut down for the day; no work, gorgeous weather, a million marathon supporters.

There's our good buddy Lance Armstrong. Live strong Lance. Live strong.

Like I said, just another day in Boston.


ju said...

remember how we averaged 2.5 hours of sleep this weekend? or was that just me?

Corey, Sally, Ashlyn, and Ava said...

I am so jealous! Maybe next year I can run it! I know a few women who ran it. Do you know the story of how it came to be that you had to qualify for Boston? I was just talking about this with some other lady runners. It's a pretty good story.

bensey said...

ok so i am one of those random people who show up on your list of blurkers every now & then. i am an old roommate of lindsay lyman's & one late night couldn't sleep & ran across your blog through hers. your writing is entertaining & always keeps me interested. i thought i'd just say "hi" since the silent readers on my blog (before going private b/c of my job) always made me pretty much go nuts. okay that's all. you're awesome.

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