Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Head's Up

I. Today I make my syndicated television debut.

Four months after we attended a taping of the Tyra Banks show in New York City; it's airing today. The topic of today's show is "Guess My Salary." This is good stuff people.

IF you have the chance to tune in, or record it, I suggest you do so. I'll have a play-by-play recap of our time in the studios tomorrow. (3PM in Boston, 1PM in Oregon, 12 Noon in SLC)

I had red hair back then, and should be standing right next to the Tyra during the show's opening. I was supposed to have a speaking part, but the Tyra messed it all up and ruined everything. I would have been a star.

We were encouraged to shout out our disbelief, encouragement, or disdain for the segments on the show, so listen closely for some out of place white-girl comments.

A good time should be had for all.

II. I'm wearing my nurse pants today.

III. In other Tyra Banks related news, and to celebrate the last time I tried to be on TV, let us revisit the ridiculousness that was me people scouting at an audition for "America's Next Top Model." It was a year ago just this week; and logged as the highest read day in the history of this blog. Thanks for making me a star for a day!

Part One: You Are Still in the Running
Part Two: Still in the Running - Part II
Part Three: Still in the Running - Part III
Part Four: No Longer in the Running
Part Five: STILL not in the Running
Part Six: The Day After

Remember when I used to be funny?


ju said...

holy awesome. i assume you're recording...don't delete it until i get a chance to see it.

Nat Attack said...

Sadly, I didn't see it was on today until I was already at work! (I haven't been as dilligent at checking now that it's been four months since the taping.)

Luckily, B's gonna pick it up.

onlychild09 said...

You are still funny.

kendall said...

Hey you! The longing for humor of times past is supposed to be my hobby!

You were so good today. You had rachel, josh and me laughing out loud at some parts! Miss you.

stephanielynn said...

Saw you today. You looked fab. Sorry you didn't get to answer a question!

Rachel said...

We were on the Tyra. And you were the star!

You are always funny!

I can't wait for you to get out here!!!! Hurry up lady!

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