Saturday, April 12, 2008

Half the way

My weekend isn't even 24-hours old yet, and I'm exhausted. Literally, I'm lying in bed at 4:33pm on Saturday; fighting to stay awake. Stake Conference tonight, and I feel it would be prudent for me to attend. Therefore, here I am. In a quasi-delirious state, but filling you in on the shenanigans nonetheless.

Listed on the 100 Facts about me is how much I enjoy throwing/hosting theme events. HOw much better when I can actually attend one! Oh how I love getting dressed up. In true fashion, I took it a little overboard; but that's pretty well par for the course. Nat: she who takes things too far.

Last night, our friends Mike and Brian hosted a swanky mocktail party at their new club "The Silver Pearl." There was mood lighting, live music, exotic drinks and the standard bevy of beauties.

We chatted, we dance-ished, we photoed. It was great fun.

For the record, I shall explain the headband. My hair turned out super curly. Too curly isn't too terrible of a thing, but it had so much height, that I worried it looked Texas Pageanty; so I made do with what I have. And when you're me, you have random props like sequined/feathered headbands at your ready disposal. Luckily, the Silver Pearl was 40's inspired, so I didn't look as ridiculous fit right in.

What I didn't fit right into? My dress. I bought it pre-Biggest Loser. Makeshift straps were safety pinned on as I didn't have the girth to hold up the strapless dress. There are worse things in life though, right?

Don't I have gorgeous friends?

On to major Event #2 of the weekend. With less than four hours of sleep after a late night of dessert, would-you-rather, and impromptu guitar sessions, I boosted my sagging enthusiasm for being awake with a pre-philanthropic bagel and DC--a real treat for someone who's not supposed to eat heavy bread products. But it was for a good cause!

Last week I raised money for a Multiple Sclerosis walk; this morning was the 5-miler. The weather forecast pouring rain and it looked slightly ominous when our band of merry supporters arrived in Cohassat. The walk started brisk but eventually the clouds lifted and the sun came out--enough so that I'm proudly sporting my first burn of the '08 season. Sunburn never felt so good.

Our little group of seven raised exactly $1500--I think we finished 7th in overall fundraising! Thanks again to everyone who donated money. It was a good way to officially kick off "Nat returns to exercising after the Leg Break '08." Go big or go home; that's what I never always say.

The course was five miles of gorgeous old homes and beautiful oceanic views. Our pace picked up once the course started intensifying; I'm pretty sure we broke a sweat a time or two. For the record, it's kind of awkward passing people in a charity walk. We decided the greatest take-home was the finisher's medal; an unexpected treat at the end of a kind of long walk. The lunch was a bonus too. Wow, we really had a good time.

Conversation between teammates along the route covered a variety of topics--none more prominent than chit-chat about The Biggest Loser (the real TV show). We're having a finale watching party on Tuesday. Now that I've found real-life friends to discuss the BL, I probably will won't be posting about it at greater length. Yall can breathe easier now.

The drive home was spent with the windows down, reliving the fantasticness of the day. Spring in Boston officially hit (at least for a few hours) and every one in the City seems affected by it. Thank goodness. Five of six cars had the windows down, runners and bikers were out in full force, and it was oh so glorious. Unable to go inside just yet, I bought a Big Gulp and went down to the banks of the Charles and read my Entertainment Weekly magazine while soaking in the sun. My version of the Celestial Kingdom will definitely include these things.

All in all, not too terrible of a way to spend the first half of your weekend, right?


onlychild09 said...

Nat! It sounds like a fantastic weekend. Spring has hit Oregon too and I layed out in the sun today. It is beautiful! I am very excited for the BL on tuesday! Two girls in the finale who ever would have thought?

Your dress is super cute!

Jan said...

love the you more...waiting for your call!

ju said...

tonight at 10, mormon mocktails: how sobriety is becoming the wave of the future. stay tuned.

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