Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is it bad that...

  • ... sometimes I'm excited to go to bed because there's a cold Coke waiting for me in the fridge when I wake up?
  • ... I only started washing my face on a routine basis [read: ever] when I discovered wet wipes for adults pre-moistened face wash cloths?
  • ... I print a receipt at the ATM even though I obsessively check my bank accounts online daily?
  • ... last week at the grocery store, I caught a man rummaging through the trash next to the Redbox for receipts, and then gathering the high dollar items from those receipts and taking them to the service desk for cash and I didn't do anything except tell Linda?
  • ... I check the mail and if there's nothing good or for me, I just leave it in the box?
  • ... my internet super-sleuthing skills both amaze and terrify me?
  • ... two and a half years later I still don't care?
But really Internet, most of the things on this list are pretty bad, there's no getting around it. But they're guiltily pleasurable enough to post, yah? Are there any here you're shocked by? Any you'd add to your own list?


Carly said...

I never washed my face at night until about two months ago when I decided I needed to start using an anti-aging cream at night and so I too use those wet-wipes for adults, I mean pre-moistened face cloths. I hate washing my face, but I'd noticed that I was starting to get some little wrinkles (I know this is crazy since I still look like I'm 21) but I'd also like to still look like I'm 25 when I'm 40! You can never start too early, right? ;)

ju said...


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