Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Old dogs try new tricks

Tonight, I tried something new. Several new things actually. First, I decided that it's time to stop judging people who do things differently than I do (after all, no two people are not on fire), so I gave a few new things a go. Journey with me.

Primero. I just don't think I'm a fan of the forehead band. I want to be, because every time I try one on, I think it's kind of fun; but it just makes no sense. Granted, very little of fashion makes sense--and I count myself somewhat of a fashion risk-taker--but I have a hard time getting around the forehead band. To be fair some are better than others, but I felt kind of silly wearing this to Costco.
I am, however, pleased with the way I did my hair around the band. Put your hair in a loose pony-knob. The elastic should be on top of the knob. Roll it up and over the band and back down. Pin strays if necessary. I let some of my bangs loose, but could have rolled them up and over the band the other direction as well (in fact, did it when I got home and like it just as much). The good news in all of this is you can use the stretchy forehead bands to create the same look without the band crossing your forehead; just push it farther back. Super easy, people will compliment. Guaranteed.

Segundo. Tercero. Quatero. I wore brown flip-flops with a black ensemble. I shopped for frozen food at Costco. I got the hot dog combo instead of pizza. How do you people function? This is not a world I understand.

What other new things did I try this evening? Let's go ahead and add listening to commercials on the radio, not darting around in traffic, and deciding not to eat my standard box of Satan's Candies Good'nPlenties. How do you people function? This is not a world I understand.

The new me was a fun experiment in walking in someone else's shoes for awhile. And I may not have walked a mile--and there may have only been one set of footprints when the going got tough--but all in all, I'm glad for the old me. Maybe I will go get some Satan's Candies Good'nPlenties afterall.


Cheryl and William said...

It looks like you have moved on from Hot Tamales to Good N Plenty's- well don't worry, I have definitely picked up the "Hot Tamales" train for you ;-)

Nat Attack said...

Oh Cheryl! So witty, I love it. I like having smart friends.

maWeesa said...

welcome back to the blogging world lady!
you were missed.

Erica said...

Your footprints reference made me laugh hard. I love you.

Carly said...

Love the hair. I've been wanting to try the fore-headband thing for a while too. Don't be surprised if you see me copying you, I can be your "mini-me"! You always do the cutest things with your hair and I'm so boring! So bring on the new tricks for this old dog!

ju said...

Sometimes I get the hot dog at Costco simply because it comes with a drink and about a cup less grease than the pizza. Way to try newness. You are an inspiration to us all.

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