Monday, August 31, 2009


Dear Internet,

I had a rough 48 hours. Crummy for a host of reasons not even worth mentioning. And the good news is, I think the universe didn't want me to be unhappy any longer.

A few hours ago I received the sweetest text of my whole life from my lovely (and now married!) sister Kendall:
"I love you so much. I seriously think about you every day and how I could be more like you. Have a good day!"
I got home from work and was reminded of the sweetest post-it note of my whole life from my lovely (and now college freshman!) sister Mallory:

And then, I had the thought that's completely recaptured my good attitude. Nat, says the thought, Remember when you used to listen to Hairspray! all the time? Maybe it's time to resurrect the beat.

Woot. I'd forgotten how obsessed I was with Hairspray! It also brought back so many good memories. I saw Hairspray for the first time on Broadway with the SLC Holla House and then again with Julie last last Memorial Day. I'm now having a literal dance party with myself. But seriously, you should see my moves. I think I missed my calling in life.

So maybe I let the beat stop for a bit this weekend, but you'd better believe I won't any longer!


Erica said...

I can't believe I haven't seen it yet! Thanks for the idea - I'm gonna check to see right now if I can rent it on itunes, since Ryan's working l-a-t-e again.

Mallory Jan said...

I just cried a little bit. I love you SOOOO much. I really do want to be just like you. xoxoxo

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