Friday, August 28, 2009


I know one of the many perks of hitching your wagon to someone else's is the joy of registering and receiving gifts. Obviously, I haven't experienced that paramount moment yet; the wandering of the aisles with your paramour, wielding a scanner and picking china and a toilet seat cover. To be honest, I'm not too distraught about the registering that is. At this point in my life (26.75), I have a pretty comprehensive set of Real Adult Life Tools (RALTs) gathered in the last few years as a working woman.

A queen-size bed purchased my second day in the City? Check. A big flat screen TV courtesy of stimulating the economy? Check. A mickey mouse waffle iron, griddle, and food processor? Check. An industrial-sized Kitchenaid mixer purchased with Biggest Loser winnings? Check. Smaller ticket items culled from Target, IKEA, and the ever classy Christmas Tree Shops and AJ Wright? Check. I don't want for a whole lot folks, I recognize this. (But I'm alone you married people, don't get too envious.)

What has been missing in my life, and from our kitchen, is a decent knife. One. Decent. Knife. Sure, we have no less than eight non-stick cookie sheets, but trying to find a knife sharp enough to open a letter, let alone cut a watermelon? An epic tale of adventure and disappointment.

Cut to last night. There's a giant package waiting for me when I get home from dinner with the lovely Katie. Who doesn't love getting mail that's not a special credit card offer or Pier One Kids(?!) catalog? I have no idea what the special contents of this package could possibly contain.

Folks, this is what true love looks like:
As a "thank you" for my help with the wedding, Julie sent me a set of knives proportionally nicer than anything else I own. And a book celebrating what was until her wedding the greatest day of our lives. Um, who does that? Sending brilliantly thoughtful and expensive gifts two weeks after her own wedding? Amazing.

So. I've got knives to add to my RALT collection. Tonight, I shall try to find something to cut. And I should probably clarify that the cutting will not include me or any other personages.

Save a house and husband, I'm hard pressed to think of any RALTs not in my collection. Is that the new secular measure of a full and satisfying single life? Is it time for me to move on to the next step? And if/when it gets time for me to shack up with someone and register, what do you think I should register for? I'm thinking a lifetime supply of Skittles...


Mary said...

Aren't we lucky to have a Julie? Seriously, that is a class act friend doing some class act stuff!

PS. I finally got the queen size bed only a few months ago. Having it now makes me wonder why on Buddha's green did I hold out on that.

moe said...

I may be crazy, but I personally feel that registering is over-rated. Had I to do it all over again, I would have skipped the process entirely.

Nat Attack said...

Oh! A brilliant question for the marrieds! Ladies? Is it worth registering? If you don't register, is it in hopes that people will just gift you money/gift cards?


kendall said...

I like(d) registering at target! Target is THE BEST place on earth. Besides Boston.

The Carlson Family said...

yeah, i seriously underestimated great knives until we got some as a gift. AMAZING. How did I cut things without them?

The Carlson Family said...

Registry? YES. Annoying as hell, honestly (Mike and I thought we were gonna' kill each other by the end of it- two people who had lived on their own and knew what they wanted yikes!) but it was SO nice to get things you really wanted and would use. On the other hand, money/gift cards were just as helpful and probably kept us eating for the first year. Other thoughtful non-registry items were mostly fun and sometimes things we hadn't thought about needing. And the rest were regifts. Eh.

Leslee said...

You crack me up! I was actually just contemplating the registry the other day... my vote is for a delayed registry. Like no gifts on the wedding day, then register 3-5 years after you get married. I was not enough of an adult to know what I should be registering for! Our registry was a random hodge-podge of... hmm we probably need one of those. Hmm that looks cool let's scan it... Oh if only I could do it over knowing what I know now... :) Good knives would be high on the list. I was married 6 years before I got a single decent knife. So yeah registries are awesome as long as you're smarter than I was when you do it... which you are so you'll be in luck. ;)

Breona said...

All valid and funny comments. I liked registering for things you thought you needed but yes we did scan random funny things that we didn't really need...? I was glad when we got a tool bag with most of the essentials. That's a good one. You could register for a magic bullet? I made baby food with mine, pretty useful? And camping stuff would be nice to get.

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