Thursday, December 03, 2009

Winner winner pollo dinner

The polls for the highly official Luna Nueva GIVEAWAY have closed. Thanks to those who played. I ran the comments through and the big winner is.......... Comment #1!

Congratulations to my cousin-in-law Brittney. This busy, hardworking lady keeps a fun blog of her crafting and projects outside of tending to the needs of her three boys under the age of 5. (I usually feel lazy after reading her posts. You're amazing Britt!) Send me your address and I'll get this terrible copy of Luna Nueva in the mail.

As a note, I previewed the DVD last night and it *does* work, but well... let's just say I'm glad you've seen it in a theater. But it is dubbed in Spanish, so it's pretty funny. You thought the acting was terrible before? Add in the overexaggerated Spanish and it's worth a few minutes of laughter.

Three random tidbits about today:
* It's 67 degrees outside. In December. In Boston. This can only mean it's going to snow tomorrow, right?
* I got the "In the Heights" Soundtrack today and it's amaaaaaaaaazing. And the show is coming to the Boston Opera House in January. I'm just beside myself. Life just keeps getting better and better.
* My rather addictive personality has flared up in terms of "fine" dining. I finally got brave and looked at the nutritional facts online and am beyond relieved that I'm not on the way to breaking the scale--but just maybe am on the fast track to heart disease. But it's such a tasty, and locationally convenient way to go.


Kristan said...

Number one. Family. Really Nat? I think it was rigged :)

Brittney said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I am muy animado! I have a gaggle of YW who are going to flip out....FLIP out I tell you! And I'll make sure I get Doug to see it in the theaters before he watches the Spanish version. :) Thank you to the NatAttack academy for this amazing opportunity. Thank you to pirating Spanish people who made a copy....and for Nat to recognize a good sale when she saw one. Thank you to the international customs people at the airport for not catching her. And a special thank you to the random choice thing.....that NEVER chooses the number one spot....except for today. Love to you all. Love the shoes, love the bag...LOVE IT!

Nat Attack said...

Kristan--ha! Clever. You can't rig a #1 comment return... when does that ever happen? (Hit me up in email if you're interested in a loaner copy.)

Brittney--I got your address and will ship out in the next day or two. Just a warning, the copy is pretty terrible... but like I said, good for a laugh or two. :)

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