Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Death (of) photos

I felt really awkward taking photos on my trip. Perhaps it was because we were traveling outside of the common tourist destinations, or maybe because every inch of my very tall, very blonde, very straight-off-the-Mayflower look just didn't blend too well in Latin America--but I couldn't bring myself to photo too much of our surroundings. Mental pictures will have to do until I can rewind it all in Heaven.

On our first full day in Buenos Aires (martes for those who care), we cabbed our way to La Recoleta Cemetery to check out where the rich Latins go once they up and die.

I've tried to weed it down, really I have. But this place begged to be photoed. And none of these folks were alive and kicking long enough to be bothered by the photos I took.

It's hard to describe how insane these memorials were--the glass work, the granite work, the coffin work. It was awesome. And kind of creepy; we saw more than one coffin with the lid all askew--in fact, that one had a window broken out of the tomb as well. Ai yie yie!

All in all it was nice to take a little break from shopping, eating, and relaxing. But soon enough, we were back at it.


Mallory Jan said...

Nat it looks beautiful! What a great destination.

Anonymous said...

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Kendall said...

I'm curious to know how Anonymous manages such high yields, but I also wanted to tell you that these pictures are AMAZING! They remind me of the gothic cathedrals we've been talking about in my humanities class, and they're gorgeous. Kinda makes me want to be a Catholic.

Cheri said...

What beautiful pictures! You are amazing & adventursome! XOX

ju said...

up and die. ha ha

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