Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm working on a new blog. Not a post, an actual new (supplemental) blog. More to come on that soon(ish), but I need your help in the meantime. Life and death here people, so I've created a new poll in the right real estate. Please respond. No one's feelings (read: mine) are going to be hurt, I'm just trying to figure out the taxonomy (tagging) system for my new stuff.

So. Help me. Quickly. And don't feel bad.

Also, happy Monday. Did you enjoy your weekend? Did it have crazy snow? Mine didn't, but you wouldn't have guessed with the number of times I left the house. Nothing like last year. Glad I got out of Boston before the BIG ONE hit! Travel safe everyone. XO.


Jody said...

The answer to your poll is simple, my friend. 27 is closer to 25 than 30, right? Therefore, 27 is still mid-20's, while 28 is late 20's. If you want to get really technical, you could consider everything after 27 1/2 as late 20's. It's all a matter of rounding in my mind.

colleenita said...

Is it gonna be about being single in the LDS community? Ha. Love you, girl.

Cabra Forte said...

I know what its gonna be about! I feel awesome.

Nat Attack said...

Jody! This is immediately where my brain went, but complicates things... hence the poll.

Colleen--not exactly. There are too many blogs in that vein that drive me slightly batty.

Matt--the idea has shifted some. But we'll see.

Breona said...

Well, if there is a mid and a late then there has to be an early.... right? So if you take the twenties and divide them into thirds.? My mind plots it as 20-23 early, 24-26 mid, and 27-30 late. Don't mess with the halves. Plus mid just sounds like 25 and the surroundings. Haha anyways, merry Christmas.

Nat Attack said...

The majority has spoken. 27 is late 20's. This too is what I thought. Good job everyone.


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