Thursday, December 03, 2009

the best part of today

Bless Boston's heart, but it's a bit of a revolving door as far as people are concerned. Two years is the median length of time folks stay in the Hub. This presents situations in both sides of the glass, but I'll submit to the jury that there's nothing quite like having a friend with whom time apart melts away in a matter of seconds should the right phrase, song, or memory present itself.

I was lucky enough to meet Alicia my first year in the dorms at BYU and we bonded fast and furiously. We lived together off and on the rest of college and then I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid at her wedding 3.5 years ago. We've only seen each other a handful of times since then but this week we bonded over a shared memory of Claiken, and tonight, I got a text message that made me smile:

"Can't help but think of you when this happens."
Only people who really know and love you can bank on you're predictabilities (or have minds like steel traps and remember blog posts from three years ago) can display such love. Today was a pretty good day, full of good music and books and TVs and pizza with Linda... but this text trumped them all.

Happy. So go, right now, and email or text or chat a good friend and remind them about something you know or love about them. It'll make them (and you!) happy too. Now GO.

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Alicia said...

How in the world did I not see this post until now!?!?

I miss you like crazy, and hope your winter holiday season is filled with more yellow Starbursts and Hot Tamales than a person can actually digest.

Love your guts.

(P.s. Remember how I used to look like Rogue?)

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