Sunday, May 02, 2010

Day 28

It's May 2nd April 28th. Writing a year recap post feels premature. Especially because my blogging regularity has reached 2007 levels, so what more could you possibly want from me? There's a reason I don't send out Christmas cards.

This year in great detail

There was a block of time earlier this year where I thought I'd have a head cold for the rest of my life. In good news, sometimes my hyperbolic predictions don't come true.

Yesterday's sponsored post pretty much sums up the majority of the year. Toss in Zumba, some weddings, a brief quasi-romance, and my introduction of chinese chicken salad into "the meals Nat makes on occasion when she eats at home" and there it is. 2010. It's been grand.

But really? Not much to report, not much to complain about. And that's an equation I'm more than happy to live with. Isn't that how years typically run? Slow ramp-up period before they take off in May? That's my plan.

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Cheryl and William said...

I'm definitely intrigued by the "quasi-romance"- please elaborate :-)

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