Thursday, May 06, 2010


So my running partner in crime arrived late last night. As a last ditch effort to ready our hearts for the strain of 13.1 miles in less than two days, we took a little run along the Charles River in the city. Three years here and I've never made the run -- so it was a memorable first.

I probably won't be winning any cinematography awards for this video, but it's pretty fun:

Luckily, due to lack of water and the neccesity of a bathroom, we weren't in danger of breaking the speed limit.

My favorite.

The lighting is a titch misleading in this one, but I test-drove the Gucci fannypack so we had a means to carry the camera and keys. It worked like a charm and I'll now be wearing it on Saturday so we can document our entire run.

The weather was perfect and we would have lovvvved to remain outside but we needed to take care of business. Our goal for Saturday's race is to take it one mile at a time. Stay tuned!


Whits said...

So. jealous. I seriously miss those runs.

Krista said...

good luck nat!!

Laura said...

Also jealous. Sigh.

I had a dream last night that you were going to Harvard Law School (which was held in the basement of the old Cambridge Chapel, or something else underground) and everyone was giving you a bad time because they thought you were too beautiful to be in law school. I took it upon myself to be your defender, accusing one class with a passionate "How. DARE. You." The folks in the dream told me your hair and bracelets were too beautiful for law school. Also in my dream, you changed your name to Hayley Graham. Bwah hahaha. What a psycho subconscious I have. I've got to stop eating peach cobbler before bed.

ju said...

The video. Funny. A little motion sick.

Nat Attack said...

I think you undermine the difficulty it is to simultaneously run, video, narrate, breathe, and stay on a straight line.

And LPug -- why do you think I haven't applied for law school just yet? Wiiiiiiiiiiink.

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