Wednesday, May 05, 2010

If you are what you eat... I'm in trouble.

An excellent user submitted question! Did you know there are other questions over there I'm answering? (Surprise!) I'm a publishing conglomerate now. Pretty soon I'll be putting the little guys out of business and Congress will have to appoint a committee and hold special hearings to shut me down.

You find out you have 24 hrs to live. What foods do you pound before you go?

Before I run through the laundry list of items I bet each of you could recite in your sleep. An anecdotal connection. ("Getting to know NatA!", page 1, para 1*)

My fall back topic for discussion when it's quiet and I'm interested or prompted enough to engage is to ask the person I'm passing time with, "If you could eat anything in the entire world, what would it be?"

Scores of people could attest that I say the exact same thing 99 percent of the time. What is that delightful goodie? Believe it or not, an item never once mentioned on this blog. Answer equals a warm, homemade** cinnamon roll.

But seriously, just think how much better the world would be if everyone could have a warm, cream-cheese laden cinnamon roll whenever they wanted one? Who would ever get angry? Or sad? Who would want to suicide bomb anything? I'm convinced cinnamon rolls could bring down Al Qaeda. (Blackbriar!) Life would totally be worth living.

On slim occasion (say 1 percent of the time) I deviate from the c-roll, but I always feel like I'm only telling a partial truth.

So. Circling back to the original question at hand. With 24 hours left to live, cinnamon rolls definitely on the list. Add in cinnamon bears, cinnamon toast crunch, and hot tamales.

Rolls from the Texas Roadhouse, a coffee cake muffin from Dunkin Donuts, baked Lays + french onion dip, chocolate coconut cupcake, pineapple cheeseball.

Burger and fries from The Precinct (pub next to our house), that salad with strawberries in it, SHRIMP, street meat tacos from Mexico City, chicken TBM from Cosi, homemade chocolate chip cookies. Brownies made from a boxed mix (the best and only way to eat them. sorry you purists)

Skittles, Starburst, Good 'N Plenties. Red vines, Nibs, Swedish Fish.

You know, just a few bites here and there of really classy things. Because you can't take it with you!

* When I was in school and needing to create bibliographies, the internet was so new that there was no standard way to report what was found online. Every other kind of reference guide was firmly styled, but when it came to the WWW, total free for all. Has that been changed? Do the youth of today even know what a bibliography is? Or do they just attach a copy of the article they found online with the pieces they "borrowed" highlighted?

** I have a really easy quick-rise recipe for cinnamon rolls should anyone actually be interested.


colleenita said...

My mouth is watering.

Alicia said...

i asked a question that got a whole POST.

take that, formspring. i own you.

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