Sunday, May 02, 2010

Day 30

Last post of the everlasting 30-day blog challenge! 30 posts in 32 days still counts, right? I mean, one day of 4 and another day of 3 might count as spam in some states, but as I've said before and I'll say again, I'm the Sheriff of these parts.

Whatever tickles your fancy

And in this case, it's actually going to be your (the reader's) fancy. The Sheriff is the one who calls the shots, but Deputies do all kinds of important things like, um, er... ask questions!

Got a burning question you're dying to ask me anonymously? Curious and need follow-up on a previous post or story? Are super nosy and want to know where and when and with whom my first kiss was? (One blog reader is squirming nervously at this point.) Ask away.

To be honest, as crazy and long and neverending and sometimes kind of ridiculous post topics as the 30-day challenge was, it was kind of fun to take a topic and then weave a narrative around it. Your asking questions at the link above is an extension of that process. But with less fanfic and more embarrassing stories! 10 voters wanted me to return to the posts about nothing; so put your money where your mouth is. Or face citizen's arrest.

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