Thursday, September 27, 2007

Character Acting - The Break Up

There are certain actors and actresses that are cast in similar roles from movie to movie. This is called "type casting." (Are you asleep yet? It's about to get more entertaining, wake up!) But what about when a character plays the same character in exactly the same situation? I've found an actor and an actress who personify the perfect finacee but who are left jilted by their other half to love another.

Bridget Moynahan and James Marsden. The names probably aren't terribly familiar because, let's face it: they're the ones always replaced. Replaced by true love.

Bridget Moynahan: The Un-Blushing Bride

Haley loses her fiancee Jonathan to Sarah in "Serendipity."

Natasha loses her husband Big to Carrie Bradshaw on "Sex and the City."
Moynahan, Bridgetbigcarrie

Sadly, true life sometimes mimics art:
Moynahan loses her fiance Tom Brady to supermodel Gisele.
Moynahan, Bridgetbradygisele2

James Marsden: The Doomed Groom

Harry White loses his fiance Lois Lane to Superman in "Superman Returns."

Lon loses his fiancee Ally to Noah in "The Notebook."

Cyclops loses his love Jean Grey to Wolverine in "X-Men."

So what is it about these two beautiful people that keeps them always reaching for the altar? Is it their winsome personalities? Flawless, glow-in-the-dark smiles? The brown hair? My own personal conclusion is this: viewers don't feel too terrible for Moynahan or Marsden because we know they'll spring back in real life. Playing at the top 1% of world attractivity levels, we're not worried. They'll find love again. They're just too beautiful not to.

So, hypothetical situation: if Moynahan and Marsden were to date, who would leave whom first?


stephanielynn said...

1. LOVE this post. You're my favorite blogger.
2. LOVE "The Notebook". Ryan Gosling is adorable.
3. I think Marsden would leave Moynahan first. I don't have any reasons to back it up, but that's my vote.

Shavs said...

He would leave her. What fool would ever leave Corny Collins? Not i, he is a dreamboat.

Linda said...

i really think she'd leave him. He's just one of those guys who are way too nice. and he'd bounce back.

Nat Attack said...

I know right? Of COURSE he'd bounce back. That's who he is! "THE BOUNCER."

j said...

If I recall, Cyclops actually got destroyed by Jean Grey as opposed to her ditching him for Wolverine. At no point did she hook up with Wolverine.

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