Friday, September 07, 2007

On My Mind

  • My work garbage can isn't bagged. This kind of stresses me out.
  • I really am addicted to the Hairspray! soundtrack. I have to physically stop my feet tapping and arm movements when I'm on the T, on the treadmill, or at work.
  • The smell of regular chapstick (in the black tube) makes me think of my dad.
  • gChat tagline games are fun.
  • I love dressing for fall. Blazers and scarves rock my world.
  • I have minimal weekends without something crazy big planned between now and the first of the year. It feels like the holidays are already over. Did everyone enjoy them?
  • I'm running a 6-mile race on 10/20 and a 5-mile race on 11/22. On 9/7 I did a 3-mile jog and felt like my heart might explode. Outlook: grim.
  • It drives me nutty when people take the elevator one floor in my building.
  • In the last 36-hours I have caught up with all 3 of my sisters via phone.
  • I love love love love love being consistently predictable with certain things. You'd be amazed by how many texts, emails, and comments from people both past and present who send/say something to me-- "I saw/heard/read/ate/sang _________ and it reminded me of you." OHMYGOSH. I love that.
  • I really do love to blog. Thanks for allowing me to do so.
  • Working downtown (minus the commute) is one of the coolest things I've done with my life.
  • I really do have a nonstop fun life. (Thanks for pointing that out Laina!)
  • I can't can't wait for the Celtics to start their season. I love being a part of something this big.
  • I could really go for some Starburst right now. Or Hot Tamales. Or both.
  • Why are celebrities always caught "making out all over the place"? Do people really make out in public places? And how dumb are you for a) doing it in the first place and b) getting mad when people notice? Dumb.
  • I wrote down all the premiere dates for the TV's great return to Fall and took them home. Time to set up the DVR.
  • VMA's this Sunday, Emmy's the next. I LOVE AWARDS SHOWS.
  • Must be a Friday, I'm making a list.
  • I will never be a morning person. If I could go until 10am without speaking to anyone, no one would ever know.
  • Why do places in Mass. close at 9:30? What a strange time. Nothing in our country operates on the half hour. Well, except Costco really.
  • I have not one thing scheduled for the weekend except going to the post office. I do love a full weekend but am excited beyond words to sleep in tomorrow and not feel guilty.
  • Two weeks until I go home!
  • I'd like to find the perfect black vest.
  • 90 degrees tomorrow! Maybe I'll go to the beach.
  • But really, aren't cell phones a miracle? It doesn't matter WHERE you go, those satellite beams will find you. In a matter of seconds. It blows my mind.


Rachel said...

You have a great life. I want to be you!

Ryan + Erica said...

Lots of things remind me of you, Nat! I'm so happy that you're having the time of your life. It really is amazing.

onlychild09 said...

When I ate almost a whole bag of Starburst I thought of you and that one tiem we went to target and split a bag but threw out all the orange ones. Who enjoys the orange ones anyway? I am SO excited for you to come to Oregon!!!

Lainey said...

I like the orange ones a lot. Pay up, please.

Shavs said...

isnt hairspray wonderful? my roommates for some reason DONT LIKE MUSICALS..? it blows my mind. I saw hairspray 3 times and there is never a time i dont listen to it or listen to it in my head.

I love hairspray. good one.

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