Monday, September 24, 2007

Ho HO HO - Who wouldn't go?

Alooooooha from the great state of Oregon dear readers. I'll be out and about tomorrow (Monday) with my dear Marmie and sister and won't be able to give you the quick weekend update. I red-eye back into Boston early Tuesday AM and will be catching up at work and desperately trying to stay awake; so it may be Wednesday before you get a blog of substance. Poor, poor reader.

I'm in a festive mood. A festive holiday mood In September you ask? Why yes, I reply. Last year, I had all my Christmas gifts purchased, wrapped, and on their merry way by Thanksgiving. It's time to get started!

Don't you worry. We weren't playing Christmas music, or gathered around the piano singing songs of yuletide glee, but rather discussing the coming holiday season and the potential gifts we may be giving. I'm approving of some of the gifts purchased for my sisters, and plotting what I in turn will give out. This year, I'm in a position to give gifts of monetary substance, but I've decided instead to give gifts based on a labor of love. That LOL kicked off this weekend. No more details can be given to protect the receivers, but I can guarantee it's better than the tin of popcorn or fruitcake you probably would have received in its place.

While we're on the subject of Christmas, I guess it's time for me to blog about the last time I was in Portland--Christmas 2006. I'm not sure why I didn't recap the festivities, other than a shout out to the good working conditions or the $100 Million Christmas Bet. I'm also feeling a little guilty about my last Flashback Friday post. So, to honor the most wonderful time of the year, I present Christmas 2006. When hair was a little longer, a little blonder, and my sojurn into Boston was only a coming attraction.

Christmas Eve was on a Sunday, so as custom on Sundays (not just at Christmastime), we went to church. Please take special note. All four women in this picture are wearing Christmas tree pins. This is a tradition of the women in my immediate and quasi-extended family (my mom's side). I can feel myself aging and growing more sentimental; I have asked for a Christmas tree pin for my birthday (in early Dec.) to wear for the upcoming Christmas season.

That night, we drove and saw some Christmas lights. The rain was coming down rather hard, so we stayed in our car. Don't we look motivated?
Here, Mal and I are wondering what Santa will bring us. ------>
Why look! Santa dropped off his annual pre-Christmas day pajamas! Santa knows I really love New York.

Us girls, par for the course. ---------------------->
Santa also brought me this wicked sweet cedar chest. It's a most gorgeous piece; I wish I could have it in Boston; but alas, it sits in my parents' dining room just looking pretty.

After the festival of giving was completed, we sat for our most traditional holiday breakfast. "Honeymoon Breakfast" as it's named is an egg, bread, sausage, cheese, combination breakfast casserole that tastes better than it sounds. I've had twenty-four years to acquire a taste for it; good thing, since we eat it at Thanksgiving, Easter, Flag Day, Boxing Day... okay, not really the latter two, but it is a delectable holiday breakfast. Also notice the Wood/Williams traditional family breakfast beverage. Forgive me friends, I was on a Diet Pepsi kick at the time. Also, that is not orange juice in the pitcher, it's a traditional Almond Punch. We're all about the traditions at Christmas.
So there it is. Christmas 2006. In September of 2007. Coming soon... Easter 1994. ALright kids, back to loving labor. Enjoy your respective Mondays.


Rachel said...

I absolutely love honeymoon breakfast. However, hearing you describe it does not make it sound very appetizing. But it is so good!

I love how most of our traditions revolve around food?

Great blog! I think it has plenty of substance!

spirit in art said...

Even though you've got your Christmas shopping done, you may have to add an extra treat for your family. I just purchased the BEST collection of Christmas songs, their histories, historical context, and beautiful artwork. This is an heirloom that will become a part of our family traditions for years to come...

maWeesa said...

wow... it's so strange to not chat with you during the day... GET ONLINE GET ONLINE GET ONLINE

kendall said...

Those pictures make me so happy! However, in the picture of us on the couch, I look a little bit like I'm in a food coma.

Lainey said...

What about the part where baby Adrie and her parents arrive to make Christmas Day complete?

I LOVE these pics, I've never seen them! That's like Christmas right there.

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