Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mental Junk Yard

It's been a long time, and I have some random stuff I need to get out of my head and launched into cyber land.

  • This morning at the bus stop, some kids were walking by to school. The sister called the brother by his name, which was Roogan. Rugan? Mentally, I compared the to Tom Hank's character Jimmy Doogan (Dugan?). This is the second time this month I have blogged about something "A League of Their Own" related. Either way, the name is crazy weird. Crazy Utah weird.
  • I either left my phone charger in Portland or it's packed deep within my still unpacked bags. I haven't charged my phone since Monday night and it's still alive. It's scheduled to die any second here--luckily, I'm meeting Julie at lunch to borrow her charger. I can't believe it hasn't died yet.
  • Speaking of Portland, I stole the picture above from my sister Mallory's blog. Check out her quick recap of my trip. That tie-dye shirt has been passed around the sisters at least three times. Kendall's next I think.
  • Last night, while watching TV (more on that later), I repeatedly confirmed that my laugh has changed. After I complete a laughing bout, on the inhale I kind of snort a lil bit. Not a Urkelian snort, but more of a glottal sound. Listen for it.
  • My work life has been craaaaaaaazy busy. I worked 55-hour weeks the two before my trip home, and this week would be similar if I hadn't missed Monday. I don't mind the longer hours (or OT contractor bonus!), but I don't love going home, changing into scrubby jams, relaxing for an hour or so and then getting ready for bed. My life feels a little like a rinse and repeat cycle.
  • It was 94 degrees yesterday. 94! The night was warm, and I'm reminded again that I'm actually ready for summer's hot weather to be over. I've already broken into my fall wardrobe, there's no going back! I love a blazer and scarf combo...
  • Speaking of scarves, are you watching Gossip Girl (more on that later)? Holy scarves. I think I tried counting last night and lost at seventeen. Part of me wants to be annoyed that the show is so blatantly trying to remind me its characters are fabulously rich and preppy, but the other part of me just loves scarves that much. I'll let it pass.
  • So Gossip Girl. Holy guilty pleasure. I just love it so much. And I can't decide who's the most attractive. The fallen-It Girl? The dopey-eyed "I have no say in my future" Nate? The chiseled Seth Cohen-ish Dan? Dan's Sandy Cohen-ish dad Rufus? I can't help loving this show. I'm kind of pathetic really.
  • So TV. Fall TV is back in style; and with a vengeance! I maybe stayed awake much longer than I should have clearing off some shows from my DVR. I knew I was doing a bad thing, but it felt sooooooooo good.
  • I need to add something to my list of "People Who Know Me Well Know ________": I love love love reality-tv competition programs. I'm not terribly picky (evidenced by my love for all MTV-based RR/RW challenges); I just love talent (open to interpretation)-based competition. This is why America's Next Top Model and the Biggest Loser are on my DVR's playlist. And why I anxiously wait for January's AI return and subsequent SYTYCD awesomeness.
  • I haven't felt like blogging lately. It's been a mixed bag.
  • My hair is driving me crazy lately. Why is it that you can go through periods of love and hate with the same hair?
  • 30 Rock is perhaps my new, favorite 30-minute comedy.
  • The people here at work are obsessed with brushing their teeth. It's nearly impossible for me to walk into a bathroom (more on that later) without someone standing there, brushing their teeth. I guess I don't mind so much, but I cannot stand when there's toothpaste left in the sink. Ohhhhhhhh. It sicks me out SO much. And if there's hair? Ew. You don't want to see the face I just made.
  • The jury is still out on "Private Practice." I'm sure I'll watch, but it's not the best thing ever. Seriously.
  • Are you sensitive about your bed? I guess I was raised in a home where you change the sheets before/after any visitor that comes. Because that's been so ingrained in me, I'm kind of picky about it.
  • I bought the cute cute cute-est boots in the world at Ross in Portland. Maybe I shall debut them at the ward campout in Vermont this weekend. They're a cross between cowboy boots and dressy boots and moccasins. Sounds good huh? Kind of like boot goulash.
  • Every Wednesday, I read the Ausiello Report. It contains baby spoilers for the hottest shows. I religiously read and usually don't give the "spoilers" a second thought. However, for the first time ever, I skipped a spoiler. I'm letting the Friday Night Lights premiere be a complete surprise. I'm rather proud of myself really.
  • OHMYGOSH. I just got word that the bff Krista is probably coming Halloween weekend. Could there be better news?
  • Joe/Nate are coming to stay with me mid-October for Elder Holland's Education Conference. That ranks up there.
  • I work hard. Did you know that? I'm pretty good at my job too.
  • We had our Celtics Season Ticket Holder lottery the other night. I walked away with tickets to twelve pretty sweet games. Any takers?
  • The Office premiere tonight. Jim, Pam, Jim, Pam. How did it end?
  • Sienna Miller is climbing my list of can't stand celebrities (see Cameron Diaz, Eva Longoria, selected Drew Barrymore).
  • WHY are there no good movies at the theater? All I want to do is anticipate seeing something, paying the money, and enjoying the thrill of seeing a new movie. But no. Garbage.
  • Is this the longest brain dump post in NatAttack's history? Probably.
  • The Red Sox are winning again. After watching Fever Pitch when I was home, it made me even more enthusiastic about the Sox race for the World Series.
  • Speaking of Fever Pitch, while watching it in Portland I got excited to recognize so many familiar places. Buildings, bridges, parks, streets, etc. So many of the locations happened so close to my work vicinity.
  • My phone still has battery...
  • I decided to fess up to 90% of the blogs I read. I may or may not know the people whose blogs I have linked, but lurking is so last quarter. I read them, enjoy them to some degree, so have decided to share them. If you read, your blog is linked, and you prefer it not, hollaback. I'll remove it. Likewise, if you read, your blog is not linked, it's probably because I don't know about it. Hollaback and I'll post it. The people listed may or may not update very often. Next month I shall order them in most to least post frequency. Consider this your trial period. Ready..... set..... go! Blog!
  • Also while in Portland, we watched Serendipity. Okay, it's a pretty stupid movie, but I'll be darned if it didn't have some of the most actual laugh-out-loud moments in a movie that I can remember. I don't laugh vocally very easily, so I was surprised. Try to find the devil in the elevator. Hissssss! Cracked me right up.
  • Anyone want to go to Portland with me?
  • My newest goal is to be less talk, more action. It's already been placed into effect multiple times; events are being scheduled; I'm making time for people/things... it's nice to be someone who follows through on their word.

Okay, I think that's it. Nothing left to spill, no secrets to share.


Ju said...

dear nat,

i must agree with the following items:

hair, toothpaste, or any combo of them in the sink is beyond disgusting.

sheets should definitely be changed before/after visitors.

FNL season premier should be a secret.

this is the longest brain dump.

and finally, i'm glad you blogged.


Mary said...

I most definitely want to go to Portland with you.

Nerak said...

I think the dad (Dan's rocker dad) is the hottest guy on Gossip Girl. My affinity for older men is starting to worry me.

Rachel said...

So much to comment on!

Of course you work hard! The question is, who doesn't know that?!

You and Mallory both look so gorgeous in that picture.

I'll go to Porland with you!

I like clean sheets too.

kendall said...

That was very very long and hard to read, as I'm still fighting guilt feelings for not doing homework and blogging instead.

Whits said...

1. What about sidney white? Don't you want to see that?

2. I agree with you about wanting to wear your fall wardrobe. I wasn't ready for the humidity yesterday & today.

3. Go Sox. and I love ellsbury.

Whits said...

4. I hate Siena Miller too. I really hate her.

5. I refuse to watch Private Practice on principle. That Greys that they made 2 hours and only showed 30 mins of Greys made me so angry. As much as I liked Addison's character, I just can't get over that cheap move last season. I am still DVRing Greys although I dont really want to watch it.

onlychild09 said...

Remember that one time we were in Disney World and Rachel refused to sleep in the hotel sheets. Instead she slept in her sleeping bag, on the bed. Those were some good times.

Kylee said...

who needs People Magazine or to surf the web-when I want to know the dish I just get it from your blog-or you. seriously though-wow you are really in the know and incredible

--I would love to go to Portland with you.

--I hate toothpast-period.

--I am very excited about FNL, AI, and a few others on your list.

--I've already forgotten what else I wanted to comment on.

--Oh, I'm glad that you are if I could actually talk to you...

Cheryl and William said...

I am a loyal reader- and since I was your next door roomie for awhile, can I PLEASE make your blog list???? Pretty please :-)

Anonymous said...

I love you, Nettie. Come home any time. And bring your friends......


Anonymous said...

oh, and I love Tim, too, for fixing your car! Thanks, Tim, for looking out after our daughter.....

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