Friday, September 14, 2007

Heart on a String

I read a most excellent PopWatch Confession post on my favorite website: Music that gives me the chills. The writer references the audition scene in Flashdance and the rehearsal montage in Girls Just Want to Have Fun (a most excellent 80's guilty pleasure) and then opens the discussion on movies, music, and moments that give you the chills.

I read through the list to get some ideas; responses ranged from Rudy to Buffy to U2 to Lost. I was amazed by the range of response. In an act of pure plagiarism, I will post those I whole heartedly agree with:

  • A League of Their Own when Betty Spaghetti learns that George died in the war. (Geena Davis is then seen sobbing in her own room)
  • At the beginning of The Lion King, when Rafiki holds high over Pride Rock the newborn cub Simba and all the animals, um, cheer, whilst the final chorus of "Circle of Life" explodes out of the surround speakers
  • The final scene of Karate Kid when Daniel goes into the crane and he's about to do the move on his nemesis to get his revenge in a respectable way, and the music hits right after he looks at Miyagi who gives him the nod of approval to do it! awesome! 80's awesome!! "You're the best....around!"
  • "Defying Gravity" from the musical Wicked.
  • The second episode in the first season of Friday Night Lights, where Coach Taylor has taken nervous, shy, stuttering Matt Saracen out to the football field at night and helps him both figuratively and literally find his voice. The entire scene is all varieties of awesomeness, but the part that gave me chills was when the background "crowd" noise comes on over the loud speaker, and Matt's calling out the plays louder and louder, and then they scream the following exchange:
    Coach: What's your name?
    Matt: Matt! Saracen!
    Coach: What do you play?
    Matt: QB1!
    Coach: And how do you play it?
    Matt: PERFECTLY!
    Coach: We'll see about that!
    Coach: How much do you want it?!
    Matt: I want it, Coach!
    Coach: THEN TAKE IT.
  • Live performances of Kelly Clarkson; particularly her new song "Sober"
  • Anna Nalick's "Breathe (2 a.m.)" used in the infamous Code Black/Super Bowl episode of "Grey's Anatomy" and Meredith's hand is on the bomb in some guy's chest cavity. (Special shout out to Coach Taylor making an appearance as Bomb Squad Guy!)

And in an effort to stop plagiarizing others words, I present a few of my own chill-inducing moments:

  • Extreme Home Makeover. "Move that bus! Move that bus!"
  • In HP7, where Harry comes to grips that he must fight Voldemort alone; the spirits of those he loves buoy him up as he marches to his *****.
  • The Fray's "How to Save a Life Album". The perfect commuting soundtrack.
  • The movie Hairspray. I just can't get enough.
  • The song combination of "Have a Little Faith in Me" (Mandy Moore) and "Breathe" (Michelle Branch). It's nostalgic of my BYU days.
  • Ben Lee in concert.
  • Jim's speech to Pam at Vegas Night; The Office finale, Season 2.
  • Jordin Sparks singing "Broken Wing" on country night of American Idol; Season 5.

I'm sure I'll have many many more. In fact, I'm sure I'll continue to comment my own post as I think of them. Join me! What movies, music, tv, etc. gives you the chills?


Danny K. said...

Hello Nat, You do not know me, but I would like to give you a few chill inducing moments of my own - 1. Opening credits to the Hills - when the lyrics to "Unwritten" are timed to the line "Feel the rain on your skin" at the exact moment that the model on the catwalk cocks her head - it's brilliant. (My wife doesn't like me admitting that one).
2. I would argue the final dance scene in the contest is more chill inducing than the rehearsal montage in Girls Just Want to Have Fun.
3. E.T. when the kids start flying on their bikes.
4. And Most of Schindler's List. Just kidding.

Nat Attack said...

Danny--Welcome. I know EXACTLY the moment you're talking about in The Hills o. credits. Ohhhhh man. I forgot how that and the Office's opening credits make me so happy. Genius really.

P.S. I lurk on your blog all the time. The one about Osama? I may have been passing that one around via gChat. Kudos.

Lainey said...

I cry when I hear Leanne Rimes sing the Olympic 2002 theme song.

Lainey said...

I agree with Danny's assessment of GTWHF's final scene.

shabba shabba said...

I've always thought Jeff Buckley's version of "Hallelujah" -- all 6:56 of it -- is one long goosebump inducer. Love it. It's best listened to with headphones, in the dark, after my kids are in bed.

Also, props to Third Eye Blind for two of the best moments in post-grunge, from the same album no less: when Jenkins' belts the line "I felt you long after we were through" at the climax of "The Background", echoed by that killer descending guitar line. And a close second is when "How's It Going to Be" hits the shouting verse; love the lines "I wanna taste the salt on your skin! The soft dive of oblivion!" They're so much less mushy when they're shouted.

Ju said...

i totally feel you on this.

and i'd like to add the sylvan learning center commercials. i cry every time the kid wheels his report card in on the skateboard.

k8 said...

i got here through Whit's blog....and i'm SO thrilled to see you love FNL as much as I do. that scene with Coach T and Saracen is awesome. But I've sobbed my way through the scene where Tami tells Coach she's pregnant more times than i should probably admit.

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