Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Love - It's Black and White

I'm sure she's going to hate this, but I love this photo. I just found it the other day.

It's not perfect; she's six months pregnant* (with her) and I'm wearing much too much makeup for a home-thrown prom. But this is my sister Alaina, and I love her and can't wait to see her!

I guess I could have waited for Flashback Friday (as this was taken Summer 2006), but I couldn't wait!

Between our hair color difference, upward vs. downward sloping smile difference, and general "don't look alike-ness", you wouldn't guess we're sisters! Bless the Wms eye-squint and nose shape for keeping us similar.

In addition to being a rockstar mom and therapist, she also takes amazing people-based photos. Check them out.

*Not to say that six months pregnant is imperfect, I just know she's going to make comments. Prove me wrong Lain!


Rachel said...

Yea for sisters!!! I have one too, this one takes some good photos I have to say.

ps-why are you so gorgeous?

Lainey said...

Hahaha my only complaint is that one eye is definitely smaller than the other in this photograph. I hope I don't look like that in person!

Thanks for the shout-out -- who knew we'd be friends one day? You need to write about karate matches when we were supposed to be doing Sunday dishes.

kendall said...

Yeah! Write about these karate matches??

onlychild09 said...

one time kendall and I got in a mashed potato fight. I think karate might win though.

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