Friday, December 14, 2007

Tips for Sharing Public Transportation

  • If you're going to walk slow, fine. If you're going to vary your walking speed, fine. But please, for all that's holy, walk a straight line. This allows walkers with a faster gait to judge the gaps and navigate around you.
  • Don't give me the stink eye if melting snow from my arm drips on you. You have a seat on the T/bus. I'm standing; I win the pity card every time.
  • If I'm sitting on the inside seat on the bus and you see me push the stop button, gather my things, and stand up; this is your cue to adjust yourself so I can get out. This is unspoken rule. Don't make me miss my stop again; I'll drip water on you.
  • Can you try a little harder to get off the T faster? I'm politely waiting to get on, but my carnal self is jumping up and down screaming for a seat. Your meandering is going to cost some poor seat-rider melting drops from Heaven.
  • Here's a shout-out to all the seniors still riding public transit; I admire you. I'm thankful to those of you who hug the far right wall and use the banister to ascend or descend the stairs. I know that's not an easy feat. Here's the tip; if you are also elderly, disabled, portly, leisurely, or on a lazy stroll, hug up on that wall too. Don't try to pass any one. You're creating a stop we New Englanders only like to see our Pats offensive line use.
  • Have your fare ready to go. You know the bus/T is coming--don't read your Metro, or zone out on your iPod and then look surprised when it shows up.
  • It's okay* to talk on your phone on public transportation. Please don't shout.
  • If you don't have to take public transit, thank your lucky stars.
So there you have it, tips for making the commuting experience just a tiny bit better. Lest you think I'm ranting (okay, I am), I do like seeing the humanity on the T. I love when people give up their seats for the elderly, for women, or for children. I like when someone helps hoist a stroller up the steps. I like when people stop to answer questions. Or find mutual satisfaction in grumbling about something (like the 4 hour commute home through the snow yesterday), etc. etc.

This list comes after a nightmare-ish commute yesterday and are just a few simple, every-day tips that can help make public transportation a little more bearable for all.

To all you commuters out there--have I missed any you feel need to be pointed out?
*It's not okay. You're bothering everyone.


John K. said...

This isn't quite public transportation, but I love when groups of people walk slowly on the sidewalk and create a sort of impenetrable human chain.

I can imagine the commute was hellish yesterday. My Dad was driving home from Boston last night and it took him 4 hours to get to the New Hampshire boarder. That was about a 4mph pace or so.

Happy Holidays.

Nat Attack said...

I got lucky my bus ride was only 2.5 hours. For 2.5 miles. People were bailing left and right to walk. I would have joined them but wasn't warm-weather appropriately dressed to be tromping through knee-high snow. As it was, I walked the last half mile because I'd had enough.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS is right. Good thing I get a Portland/Phoenix/Mexico non-snow wedding.

Ju said...

so, uh, i guess this is a flashback to yesterday. good enough.

and did you mean to say wedding in your comment, or christmas? oh well, i guess you're dreaming of a white something.

Nat Attack said...

ALTERNATE BLOG TITLE: Flashback Friday; The Commute from HELL

Ha! You're right. Christmas, not wedding. I must have been thinking wedding because that's the last time I did the AZ/Mexico thing... for Erica's wedding.

Lainey said...

Haha I really laughed at the * for talking on your cell phone. You rock.

This list is perfectly crafted. I can picture it as I read.

Jan said...

hurray for the working stiffs! and courtesy ALWAYS counts...

Deming Brat said...

WORD to all of the above.

also, if the train 'looks' full-- it 'is' full... don't try to push me down so you can squeeze all up in my grill to fit. dollars to donuts if you wait for approx 2 more mintues, another train will come. chances are you won't have to smoosh into a total stranger to get to your destination. and get your bag off my butt- it feels like you are copping one!

and yes, i just used the phrase 'dollars to donuts' and proud of it!

Linda said...

I love this! I am curious about your opinion on how to handle the scary men who just stare you down the whole time. It's not even a subtle glance-- they're full on staring you down...what do I do then? I always get that...I avoid public transit. I'll pay the parking tickets, just please don't tow me.

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