Friday, December 07, 2007

Flashback Friday XV

A hundred years ago, I taught a Gospel Doctrine class at BYU. It was hard to keep people's attention for longer than a small-talk conversation in most cases--let alone a 50 minute class!

We were teaching the New Testament and an entire lesson was devoted to Paul and his travels. The lesson was comprised of four short stories--miracles really--of Paul's missionary work to the Corinthians. Taking it back to Primary, I decided we needed visual aids to tell the story. Thanks to the generous tithes of LDS church members, each classroom in the MARB was equipped with a computer and projection equipment and we were in business.

I don't remember the exact stories to give you the run down, but here's a snapshot of some of my most favorite MS Paint creations. My favorite details are the midget dissenter, the guy sleeping during Paul's mission report, the French ship captain, the one-handed girl, Brigham Young's great-great-great-great-great-x100 grandfather listening to Paul preach while under house arrest, and Paul's general appearance.

Doesn't this kind of make you want to read these stories? Even just a little? If I'd given Paul pants, would you be more or less inclined to read the source material?

I probably should have given him pants. Or a tunic at the very least.


Colleenita said...


Reason no. 3492374 why I am in love with you.

Nat Attack said...

Thanks babe! Love you too.

I also like the Roman wearing a cape. They don't tell you about capes in WOrld History books, but I'm sure they existed.

Was there ever a time capes DIDNT exist?

stephanielynn said...

Nat, I'm impressed. I for sure would have stayed awake for a lesson like this.

The no pants situation is the perfect touch!

Alicia said...

I cannot recall, in my whole lifetime, a more intriguing lesson than that one. I remember it well. I remember how hard we laughed about the "Vee Vill Sail On!"...and how well you pulled it off.

I actually was thinking about this YESTERDAY. I stumbled across an old copy of your presentation...for that very lesson. ha!

Remember the Joseph Pictures, and how much the Brookview Boys loved them when you sent them as honeypot notes? Haha. "Joseph is watching you..."


Miss your face,

Lainey said...

Oh I remember these drawings well. Of course I wasn't priveleged enough to be in such an entertaining Sunday school class but I did grow up sitting next to you in Sacrament Meeting when you would occasionally whip out a great drawing for us. Sometimes not church related ;) But same unique art skills. I LOVE IT!

Ryan + Erica said...

Yep, you've got talent. And you know, I think I remember these from the lesson I came and sat in on! Or was that the lesson when you stuck your hand in a cake?? (I have a vague recollection of that, but I could be pulling it out of nowhere!) By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Kaos Baggins said...

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Nat,
Happy birthday to you!

Lainey said...

can I have copies of these pictures? could be useful in my yw classes...
how come I'm the last to see them? I know, it's because I'm the mom?

Lainey said...

oops! I'm at Alaina's in PG and using her computer!

Lainey said...

and Happy Birthday from the two of us(me and Adrie!) we(thought of you at the Roadhouse while there! Kendall,Josh,Alaina, and me) Rumor has it Dad and I are getting matching t-shirts from the roadhouse for christmas...

Ju said...

hil-larious. of course, i haven't had a chance to comment yet since we've been going non-stop for the last 4 days. happy birthday, merry christmas, happy new year and all those good things. they may as well have all been pack into this last weekend with how busy we were!

Deming Brat said...

i didn't think it was possible to love you more- and yet i was proved wrong... again!

you rock my world!

Rachel said...

I wish you could be MY gospel doctrine teacher!

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