Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Brain Dumpity-Dump

  • This is my 470th post. Last year, my end of the year post was #200. At one point, I'd hoped this year's last blog would be #500. With 26 days to go, and 30 blogs to write, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. I've been slacking the last few months.
  • My hair has been red for eight months now. I remember after the first six weeks when I had to decide to take it back to blonde or continue with the red, Kendall told me to give it at least six months. That felt like such a long time back then! And now I'm rocking the bangs too.
  • This post is dedicated to Whitney. She asked where my blog was -- here I am!
  • Saturday night while having dinner with a friend, I "lost" one of my favorite earrings. (It was found on the ground.) Today at lunch, the same earring was lost. No air-quotes this time. That sucker jumped ship. You have no idea how many one-r earrings I have. Drives me crazy.
  • It finally snowed in B-Town. I now understand why commuters hate winter. Last year I didn't hate the cold so much, but now that my socks are always wet, and the wind is always blowing right through my coat as I wait... and wait... and wait... for the bus, I understand. I also understand that I need a new (ugly) winter shoe collection.
  • Our house is festive. I hung white lights in our family room and down the front banister and now our house isn't just beginning to look a lot like Christmas... it's in the middle-stages of looking like Christmas.
  • My TV show plug of this brain dump is "How I Met Your Mother." That show is oh so very funny. Have I let you down before?
  • The Celtics continue to excite the NBA basketball community. 13-2. Best in the NBA. I can't wait til they start playing some higher-ranked Western Conference teams. I've been to three games already and the Bucks next Friday!
  • Thirteen of my girlfriends and I are going to a Saturday matinee of The Urban Nutcracker. We decided to kick-off the Christmas season with a show; and this is combination ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, and swing set in urban Boston. Ohhhhhhhh I'm excited. Really though, how fun does that sound?
  • My hair froze this morning. Wearing it wet isn't really an option any more. How was I to know it was going to be 6 degrees with wind chill?
  • 6 Degrees. That's what we call population control.
  • I read a blog (no, it's not any of my reader's... i think) that drives me crazy. I can't stop reading it though. It's written by a LDS female somewhere in CA that thinks she has all the answers to life. Relationships, politics, relationships... Mostly, she just comes off sounding exceptionally bitter, crabby, and self-righteous. I can't stop reading! I really should, because it just makes me a little angry in side. I didn't know people like this actually existed.
  • Please bless I don't write crabby, bitter, self-righteous blogs. Oh geez. I hope I don't.
  • About a month ago I found bags of Hot Tamales at Target on clearance for 14 cents (similar in size to a bag of Skittles). I bought every one they had in hopes that I'd eat less--because when I buy the huge box, I'll eat the box until it's gone. This plan has only proven marginally successful. Mostly, I think I'm just creating more trash.
  • Somehow, I always seem to sit myself on the bus in front of the man screaming into his cell phone in a foreign language. Any commuter can tell you that phones on public transit are the worst! I'm not above talking on mine every once in awhile, but I sit in the back (where there are less people) and face the window. I can't stand the thought that people can hear me talking--this is the same at work and at home. (Is there a clinical name for fear of people overhearing your one-sided conversations?)
  • Has everyone forgotten that Angelina used to have a girlfriend? Or wear blood in a vial around her neck? What about Tom Brady impregnating his girlfriend and dumping her for a newer, hotter, less-pregnant model? Why do we laud these people as heroes? They may be beautiful, but these are the role models we use?
  • I really enjoyed doing my visiting teaching in November.
  • Julie, Charlotte and I are singing in church on Sunday. We're singing O Holy Night. It's been kind of stressful getting it together--I hope it pays off. I don't even like singing; I don't know what kind of crazy idea this was.
  • On Facebook, you can play Scrabble against your friends. For as wordy as I am, I'm a terrible Scrabble player. I don't know what it is; I just brain block completely. Four-letter words are about as high as I can spell.
  • Well, I guess that's it. When I sit for a few minutes trying to hard to think of something else to write, it's my cue to wrap it up.


Whits said...

Yeeeeahhh! A blog post to keep me sane during paper writing. And its dedicated to me. I'm honored.

My mom calls Brady "the adulterer". I pointed out he wasn't married, so now she calls him "the fornicator". Its hilarious. She hates the Pats so every time we talk about them she brings up the fornicator. I really wish Brady hadn't done that. He's from San Mateo so I feel a NorCal connection to him. But I don't excuse the fornicator for what he did. Totally lame.

I can't tell you how many one earrings I've lost. It drives me crazy too. Esp. with one that dropped recently...it was my favorite pair of the moment. I keep hanging on to the one earring just thinking it will show up somewhere. It hasn't.

JK said...

Something I've never been clear on - did Brady know she was pregnant when they broke up? I know they both happened at about the same time. Which means she might not have known for possibly a couple of weeks after the split, correct?

Nerak said...

STRANGE MOMENT: As I was reading your post, my earring fell out and dropped into my lap.

I do not lie.


p.s. When you find out the clinical name for being afraid of people over-hearing your side of the conversation, can you let me know? I'm similarly afflicted.

Shauna said...

duh, how i met your mother is already a classic and its only in what? its 3rd season? I love it. Case of the Yips, Happy Slapsgiving...always a pleasure.

i am currently wearing a pair of pearls that one of them was missing for about 1 year. I found them in seperate jewelry boxes and finally clued in that they were one pair and not the same pearl jumping from box to box.

Shauna said...

also tell me about this random blog you found. its not one of my friends is it? if not tell me who it is. in a facebook message in secret.

Lainey said...

Hahaha I like Shauna's second post.

Remember when at some point (early 90's?) it was cool to wear one earring and a stud in the other ear? Maybe you should bring that trend back.

And I wish I could see an Urban Nutcracker, I still get butterflies when I watch the final scenes in Center Stage so if you see Kirsten Dunst please admire her for me.

Nat Attack said...

I feel all of you on the earring fiasco. I hold on to the spares forever. Maybe we should create a lonely hearts club.

JK--not sure about the timing of The Fornicator. Either way, it's fishy.

Lain--If I see Kirstin, I'll give her a shout out from you. Also, if I see the girl who was in Center Stage, I'll give her a shout out too.

And you have NO idea how many requests I've received for the blog-that-i-hate-but-can't-stop-reading. Homegirl might notice her pageload increase. And then she'll write a mean blog about me. That brat.

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