Monday, December 10, 2007

Turning the Quarter

Warning: This is going to be a long blog. Like a quarter of a century-long blog.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who called, emailed, facebooked, commented, sang, texted, visited, or used any other means of wishing me a happy birthday. Birthdays just get better every year! It's becoming rather traditional on the morning of December 9th to ponder how on earth next year's birthday could be any better. I continue to be blown away.
As mentioned last week, fourteen of us girl friends were set to attend the Urban Nutcracker in the Back Bay. The show mixed ballet, flamanco, tap, jazz, swing, stomp, etc. to the Nutcracker storyline and music--we had a fun time kicking off the holiday season.

Let's get right to the goods, shall we? Photos.

n704146646_459083_5914n704146646_459081_2986 Nat'sBirthday! 001Nat'sBirthday! 002n704146646_459082_4435 Nat'sBirthday! 004

While I was in the Nutcracker, I missed phone calls. SO many phone calls. In fact, I don't think my phone has ever received so many calls in one day. Scratch that, I don't have to wonder, I'm sure of the fact. Within minutes of each other my Oregon family (Mom/Dad) and my Utah family (Aunt Cheri/Uncle Randy/Rachel/Kendall) called and sang Happy Birthday, immediately followed by our family birthday song. The format of the call was exactly the same and I was shocked by the proximity of the calls. Alaina, Erica, Mallory and my oldest brother/cousin Corey called to wish me a happy day. An email from my oldest sister/cousin Mary and my seven "siblings" all checked in. A missed call from G&G in Salt Lake and a card from my Gma Wms at home completed the family well-wishing. I definitely felt the family love on Saturday.

Due to scheduling conflicts, I spent the majority of the afternoon and evening alone, getting ready for our Holiday Party/25th Bash. I'd just picked up my birthday dinner from Joe's (if I had to eat alone I was at least going to do it in style!) and had just sat down to put my feet up and take a breather when a number I didn't have in my phone rang. I'm not going to lie, I was feeling a little lonely at the moment.

I picked up the phone and low and behold... a choir of angels started singing--surprise surprise, it was a call from most of my out-of-state besties, conferencing in from around the country. Joe, Jamar, Nate, Krista, Nici, Jason, Dave, and Laura popped in and out of the 20-minute call. I really just sat there shocked and in quasi-denial that it was actually happening. To get everyone on one call at the same time was a logistical and engineering feat!--and as I told them, one of my favorite moments of the day.

I had the energy to finish the prep work for the party, got myself gussied up, and enjoyed the festivities of the evening.


Nat'sBirthday! 008 Nat'sBirthday! 028 Nat'sBirthday! 006

Last year I wore traditional 70's pantsuit for my birthday. This year, I may have overdressed myself just a little, but Julie told me I'd never regret wearing the dress on my 25th. She's right! I didn't... and I was hap-hap-happy to wear my Christmas pin on it.
Nat'sBirthday! 036Nat'sBirthday! 034 Nat'sBirthday! 038

Nat'sBirthday! 033

My roommate Toni made this gorgeous three-layer carrot cake. I got all the candles on the first blow--hope my wish comes true! They made me give a speech afterward; I kind of wish I had the speech on video; I'm pretty sure at least six people shed tears.
IMG_2874Nat'sBirthday! 026Nat'sBirthday! 027

And somehow, I was photo-ed without elbows yet again.
IMG_2880Nat'sBirthday! 014Nat'sBirthday! 017Nat'sBirthday! 015

Once upon a birthday time (two years ago), two little angels sang me a song. I had mentioned this to Julie quite some time ago who must have stored it away for future use. How can a girl not feel loved with this in her life?

Long story long and photo-filled, I had an amazing day. Can you tell how much I love having a holiday birthday? Are you as happy as I am that I didn't wear heels for the nine-hours I was on my feet? Are you angry at my bangs for being un-photogenic? Are you sick of seeing my Christmas pin yet? Don't I have beautiful friends? Again, I appreciate all the well wishes--I felt exceptionally loved.

Here's to the next 25! As my birthday speech so eloquently said, "I hope most of you will be around the next year, some of you I'll be trying to squeeze out."


Ju said...

i have a few things to say. mhmmm (clears throat)...

first, i hope you all notice the amazing christmas pin i'm sporting at the nutcracker. no, stop looking at natalie's, look at mine. thanks mom and dad wms!

second, though it may appear that i was helping blow out the candles on nat's cake, i didn't. none of my oxygen was expended for that purpose. i was just trying to be funny in the picture. looks like it worked. or not?

third, my favorite part was when we go sooooooooo off on the song, and then the cd player died. oh well, it's the thought that counts.

fourth, next year i'm getting you elbows for your birthday.

fifth and lastly, i love nat. and i love christmas. and the combination of the two was unspeakably amazing. happy birthday!

p.s. i also loved today when you ordered a cherry coke and the lady brought you a coke with 2 cherries in it. whatever.

kendall said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Oh Nat! It looks so fun. I love your dress, and you look absolutely stunning as a 25 year old. I absolutely can not wait to see you in 10 days.

Kylee said...

I don't know how anyone can compete with you girls! With Julie's 3 day birthday and Natalie's Birthday Bash of the century I'd like to see someone try...

I love ya Nat and I hope your wishes come true also. You are one beautiful and talented woman!

John K. said...

Happy birthday!

That guy in the striped shirt looks an awful lot like a young Elder David A. Bednar.

onlychild09 said...

What a great daY! You looked excellent in that red dress i must say! I can't wait to see you for christmas!

stephanielynn said...

Nat! I'm so glad you had an awesome time. You looked hot in that red dress and you look hot with no elbows.

Sarah said...

happy birthday from me too!

You look great in that dress and it sounds like you had a truly awesome day!

Lainey said...

Holy Red Dress! It's gorgeous. What a memorable way to relive that day! (just think RED DRESS and it will come back!)

I love your Joe's dinner - totally my style.

Happy Birthday!

Rachel said...

I love your red dress and Christmas pin! You look so beautiful.


maWeesa said...

OH HONEY! I wish I could have been there for the big Q-Life. You look AMAZING! I love the red dress. Here's to another 25, eh?

Deming Brat said...

i just can't get enough of how amazingly beautiful you are.

please have another birthday soon!

Rachel said...

Thanks for having a birthday, your parties keep my life interesting.

MishMyBelle said...

Wow. You have had some pretty amazing birthday parties. I have to admit, when I watched the video of the girls singing, "All I want for Christmas," I got a little brings back such good memories! I wish I could have been there! You are wonderful Nat, and you looked beautiful in that red dress.

Jan said...

never seen you look better, nettie.....

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