Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Reality Roundup

I love LOTS of things. You regular readers (and those of you who actually know me in person) know that. In fact, most of the posts I write are heralding my love of something. I'm pretty consistent. Of late, I've routinely blogged about two things I love very much. The first has been my fabulous family, the other has been the Biggest Loser.

Last night was the live Biggest Loser finale. I'm pretty sure the promo commercials gave me chills and caused a little tearing--I was kind of a mess during this show. It just made me so happy to watch these people. When I was little, I never dreamt I'd grow up to live vicariously through people who've lost hundreds of pounds of weight.

At one point last night, I sent my cousin Rachel (and biggest supporting lover of my BL blogs/f-book status updates) this text: "It's pretty bad when you wish you weighed more so you could have a big transformation, right?"

I love love love reality-based competition shows (see #40). Several of my shows have wrapped lately--America's Next Top Model, America's Most Smartest Model, the BL... but I've become a Project Runway lover. How did I miss out on Bravo's hit for three seasons!? All that lost time... And you know what January brings... IDOL! But even better, once Idol ends... DANCE! Oh wow, the prospect of that makes me happy. Lest you think I have no pride when it comes to reality-based competition shows, I'll have you know I absolutely refused to watch the mother/daughter pageantry show "Crowned" on the CW. It was on while I was doing laundry and packing my bags, but I just couldn't stoop that low. Few, it's good to know I still have some personal values and code of conduct.

And since you stuck around through yet another blog about the BL, enjoy these photos from last Friday night. The Celtics (20-2, woot!) game and Whitney's Ugly Christmas Sweater party. I love the festivitiy of everything around the holidays.

P.S. Our seats are not nearly as terrible as they look. Worth every penny.


Ju said...

angels don't worry...they believe!

the C's- holla what what!

Rachel said...

You girls are so pretty. I love that you love the Biggest Loser and every other reality contest.

Rachel said...

Hahah, I loved that text. It made me giggle.

I like your ugly sweater!

onlychild09 said...

I think your sweater should have won. I am so glad you are coming to see me!

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