Thursday, July 03, 2008

An Enchanted Cartoon

Look everyone! Marie made me a fairy! Or an angel! Or a... fangel. Er... an airy...

That's it. An Airy Fangel.

I think I look better as a cartoon. Kind of like Enchanted. (No offense to Amy Adams, but I just loved the cartoon version.)

Actually, I imagine most cartoon women brought to life wouldn't be an accurate representation of their cartoon selves. Maybe that's just my dreams crushed by the Belle at Disneyland.

But think about it. Cartoons brought to life? I'm pretty sure the only Disney lass worth her while would be Esmerelda. I kind of think she'd be a fox.

Feel free to discuss in the comments below.

**Check out Marie's other illustrations. She's ammmmmmmmmazing. You wouldn't believe her sketchbook.


trentathon said...

airy fangels are hot

Alaina said...

White girl cartoons wouldn't work. Any ethnicity would probably be better in person - I'm with you on Esmerelda. And the cartoon Pocahontas was pretty dang ugly, so I'm SURE the real-life version could only be better.

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