Friday, July 18, 2008

Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air

You have to see it to believe it.

I'm nursing a Dark Knight hangover this morning. That's what happens when you see a midnight movie and aren't as spry as you once were.

There's a reason "Dark" is in the title. Be forewarned.

The AC in our theater went off about 10 minutes in. The movie would have been suffocating enough on its own without the sweltering, hard-to-breathe conditions we endured. I'm still trying to decide if that enhanced or detracted from the film.

I won't talk in much detail about the movie; but go. See it. Worth the range of $8-$12; I promise.

With or without air.


B-Heat said...

I love the salute to the song I had stuck in my head ALL Knight long!! ;)

Nat Attack said...

That and the fact that I really was having a hard time breathing in that theater. I'm writing a letter today.

Kristan said...

When I first moved to NYC I saw Mr & Mrs Smith and the AC in the theatre when out. I hated the movie. I never saw it again to determine if the hatred was AC induced or not. Years later I still have bad memories. So so sorry.

Jan said...

Kent and I went right home and watched the first Batman movie with the CUTE asst. DA. We liked the Dark Knight...

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