Monday, July 28, 2008

"the sun is shining, this road keeps on winding..."

Greetings friends and foes.

Life in these parts has been pretty slow. Slow and steady. It wins the race I hear. Nothing much new to report--the floor of my room is still a disaster, I'm still wearing skirts, and I'm still committed to being upbeat in this blog.

To be honest however, I had a good cry* about a week ago. Sometimes life isn't easy, you know? I try to remember it's why we're here; we wouldn't have had to come to Earth if it weren't going to be hard. I had day where I let the "hard" get the best of me -- Mom, in all her infinite wisdom reminded me that every one wants to be me. Where that may not be 100 percent truth, it was a sweet thing to say.

Slow and steady isn't so bad. Now I shall prove it to you. I'm hoping your slow and steady can look this good! I haven't posted photos in a LONG time and I think I'm due. Try not to want to be me too much. HA! (But really don't -- I want to be you on any other given day.) As much as I loathe uploading photos to Blogger, I'll fill yall in on what I've been up to this summer via lens capture.

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zoooooooobiesheaven!the righteous are translated
IMG_4262sometimes we bbqsome things never changewhite trash bbq on the capeawkward stances are the besta caped birthday to all of usmade a going-away scrapbook for the Ju

*note to self - you've lounged at the beach five of the last six Saturdays. Get a grip.


Whits said...

Yay! I checked this morning and saw no new post and I was sad. I love your picture posts although I already stalk you through facebook so I've seen most of these. hah!

I need to update mine. I've been throwing a few around in my head but nothing has materialized yet. And yeah, I've had a few good crys lately too, which doesn't make much sense b/c I'm getting married soon. But really, being engaged isn't all its cracked up to be. I should have eloped! :)

stephanielynn said...

I'm impressed that you're still wearing skirts! I couldn't do it. I can barely wear something other than jeans.

I would try to share some uplifting words, but I'm struggling to find the positive myself. Although I will say that everyone does, in fact, want to be you!!

k8 said...

nat, you are a gem and a half. and obviously you forgot the part of the summer where you got translated right before our eyes.

Alaina said...

I'm dying to know the story of the chinese man and the flash.

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