Wednesday, July 02, 2008

An Elite Group

Dear Readers,

I'm privileged to have one of the most devoted blog readerships on the Web. Thanks friends; you've been good to me.

You've proven yourselves a pretty vocal group--I appreciate that! A blogger who tells you they don't need validation in their writing is stretching the truth. It's awesome to get feedback on the hud you choose to spend your time relaying to the world.

Yesterday, I finally managed to stump you smart, sassy people. I managed to write a blog no one had any response to. (The more realistic explanation would be that I wrote a blog no one actually cares anything about, but I prefer to look on the sunnier side of life.) None of you care that the Jonas Brothers are pilfering beats that Maroon 5 originally stole from Jamaraquoi? Sigh. I guess I don't really either.

The last time you were similarly stumped was ten days shy of a year ago. A year! Guess I might be the only person on the internet addicted to blogging.

Before that? February of 2007 in a rant about the weather. Yall must have agreed with me; that or been sitting in warmer climates and wanting to save me from coveting behavior. Yes, I'm sure that was it.

And just for posterity's sake; and to see what haven't been my most popular of blogs, I present a tutorial of "What Not to Write":

Okay, wow. There are quite a few no-comment posts down in the infancy stage of my blog. We can ignore those for now as I was still trying to suck you into my web of cyber-nothingness. But 10 zero comment blogs in the first year and a half? Yall are insane.

For the record, 51 no-comment blogs out of 542 -- that's a 90.5% response rate! Move over direct mail, there's a new kid in town.

But seriously yall; I appreciate your reading and occasional responding. Thanks to all you lurkers who identify yourself from time to time--it's fun to find out who you are and how you got here.

As for the Jonas Brothers and Maroon 5? They should feel privileged to have joined such an impressively short list.


Jake said...

I really wanted to come up with a comment for yesterday's post, and even thought about it for a few minutes. In the end I couldn't come up with anything snarky enough. So you did indeed stump me... it wasn't that I didn't care. Congratulations.

Whits said...

Oops. Sorry. I messed up this post. hah.

Nat Attack said...

GREAT Whitney. NOW what am I supposed to do? Wink.

Survey says re-do the math, brain says toooooooooo lazy.

Kristen Gough said...

Lurker here! I discovered your gem of a blog from Michelle Mickelsen--my freshman year roomie at BYU-- and I must tell you that I think you are funny and interesting and that I enjoy checking in occasianally to see what you have to say... Oh, and I've also recently died my blonde hair red and I may never go back!

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