Monday, July 07, 2008

Liberty and Blogging for All

I find it hard to believe that anyone could have had a better Fourth of July weekend than I did. Boston is arguably the best place in the country for Independence Day festivities--considering it's the birthplace of the Revolution, that claim shouldn't come as too great a shock!

Last year, I had out-of-towners in for the holiday and blogged daily. This year, I tagged along with friends of mine who had out-of-towners in for the holiday, and I'm combining all of our festivities into one blog. Who's to say which is better? I'm here to say if I don't post them all now with minimal content they'll never got posted.

So here you have it. Random order, limited commercial breaks. The fun started the night of the 2nd and continued through the 5th. We bowled, we ate, we listened to the Declaration read from the Statehouse (where it's been read every year since 1776). We visited the Holocaust memorial, fed the squirrels and ducks (I kept my distance) in the Common, hugged a Blackberry, visited Concord to see the Old North Bridge, played Rock Band, waited for the Dress Rehearsal of the Pops concert (but left before we got hurricaned out), group effort to beat the Metro crossword puzzle!, exhausted my "patriotic" clothing selection, played Connect Four, bbq-ed, waited for the fireworks on the Mass Ave bridge, sang and danced along during the patriotic songs medley, perfected the art of self-photography, ate homemade peppermint ice cream and more rice-krispy treats that can possibly be healthy, had our own patriotic sing-along at home (nothing like screaming "I'm Proud to Be An American" with a group who's average age is 26.6...twice.), gaped at the sketchbook of this kid, ate at Giacommo's in the North End... and on and on and on. It. Was. Awesome.

first photo of the fireworks--i should have known i wouldn't get a betterdimmed lights in bowling alleys make everyone more attractiveafter the game-winning strike in the 10th frame, i celebrate. the first open-mouth smile caught on film that wasn't pre-meditated. accidents happen people.
i took a break from planning and let this kid take the reins. he did a bang up jobfeeling the glow post-patriotic sing along. we were definitely the most into it.i warned julie that feeding the ducks would place me about 50 paces away. this is when i'm pretty sure she started throwing food. she hates me.
early adopterfor some reason, i can't get over how much i love this photo. it's so ridiculously funny.again, every time i go to quincy market, i take a photo in this same spot. it's a fun tradition.
i almost didn't make it to this early AM reading; i was so tired! super happy to have gone though as it provided some of the 4th's best highlights.the numbers inscribed at the Holocaust museam superimposed with a piece of the Boston skylinestill waiting for the 'works
PIPthis was the family reunion julie and I tagged along with all weekendthe stepsisters
i decided to give in and give rock band a go. hate the sin, not the sinner, right?at the concert pre-rain. you can't imagine how quickly the weather turnedthe stalwart Criddles, and ringleaders of the Metro crossword

On Sunday afternoon, I put myself down for a nap about 4:30 and set an alarm for 5:30. Not wanting to get up, I turned it off. At 8:30, upon awaking, I decided my chances of falling back asleep that night were slim to none and decided to call it a night (or continue my "night.") I slept pretty solidly until 8AM this morning. That's right folks. 15+ hours of sleep. That's how much activity my body had to recover from. Would you have done it?

You were all free to have had as much fun as I did this last weekend, but did you? Discuss.


Kylee said...

I am insanely jealous! I did have a great time in California with my family. We went to Quintet, CA to the famous University Falls where you slide down rocks into these amazing pools of water, then we went boating and jetskiing, we had family, food, & of course fireworks.

It's a good thing I was with my family or I might have been in a state of deep depression knowing all that goes on in Boston on the 4th.

Looks like, once again, you all had a blast and celebrated Independence day in style!

Nerak said...

Ok, I love that you got to hang out with Kimmy. She is a NYC fav of mine.

onlychild09 said...

You were the prettiest girl there! as your mother would say, "a true American beauty"! love you, Nettie. mom

onlychild09 said...

Josh, Kendall, and Mallory lit the firework pack from Cosco off the huge back deck. We watched fireworks light up all over some 30 places from our viewpoint...while we roast marshmellows and made smores...hmmmm, might compete with your 4th.

Jan said...

Did ya figure out this semi-literate internet mother is posting on someome else's blogger identity before she figured it out? yep! that's me!

onlychild09 said...

This is the real Mallory:

1.Your hair is blonde again!
2.I love connect four. I challenge you to a game sometime.
3.I laughed when I saw you were playing the drums in Rock Band. I was sure you would be playing the key board! Too bad they don't have one.

ju said...

gosh this WAS a fun weekend. sometimes i wonder if i've done myself a dis-service by having so much fun all the time because life can't possibly continue like that, right? and then i'll just end up disappointed and alone. in provo.

once again, thank you for being the awesome historian of our great adventures.

+AM+ said...

booya! everyone wishes their 4th of july was as power-packed as ours.

good work my friend. keep on rockin in the free world.

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