Friday, June 20, 2008

Ask me a question

I am at a current loss for what to write. Seriously, I got nothin'. Honestly, nothing worth reading at this particular moment in time.

I got lucky however, and stumbled upon a list of 101 Great Posting Ideas That Will Make Your Blog Sizzle. I'm not sure my blog needs sizzle as much as content, but a girl has got to start somewhere.

Today, I'm going to tackle #12 on the list. Do a post that answers your readers’ questions.

So dear readers, this is where you enter the picture. In the comments section of this blog, ask me some questions. They can be creative, they can be getting to know me (ha!), or they can be general life queries. I can't guarantee the answers will be contractually factual, but I'm hoping you can begin to supply me with a much needed content boost. This should be an entertaining experiment nonetheless.

Deal? Fire away!


onlychild09 said...

If you had to lose one of your fingers which one would you lose and why?

Kylee said...

If you had the courage, will, and motivating desire what dramatic change would you make in your life?

Breona said...

If you had any 3 wishes in the world, what would they be and why?
If you could eat lunch with someone who has died or is alive who would it be? There ya go? Sizzle and pop that blog? Haha

Jody said...

This has nothing to do with this post, but I wanted to say it.

It's just a little sad to me that I'm listed on your blogroll under the "Utah" category and not the "everywhere else" category.

Oh, I can change this comment into a question for you! How long after you live in an area different from where you grew up do you start referring to the new area as where you're from? Does that make sense? Do you tell people you're from Arizona (where you spent most of your grow-up years), Portland (where your parents currently live), or Boston (where you currently live)? How long do you have to live in Boston before you start telling people that's where you're from?

At this point, I tell people I'm from Arizona originally, but currently living here in Utah. What's the protocol here, Nat? Help me out!

Jake said...

Out of all characters, fictional and otherwise, who has the worst hair?

Alaina said...

Dear Jody:

I think it's grouped according to where people are currently living. Like, most Boston people on her list are probably from elsewhere originally.

Dear Natalie:

If you had to have a pet with a handicap, which would it be and why?

Jake said...

Do nose hairs grow faster when you have a runny nose?

Jake said...

Alaina: See this link:
Bionic Dog

Definitely, maybe, probaby related posts:

If NatA! posted a photo with this blog, here it is!